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  1. Fafnir

    Interview With A Community Member: Aiko

    @MR Pussywhipped @Aiko I'll just go get her dice and curse them all when she is in jail and make Eevee like me more.
  2. Fafnir

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Exam week
  3. Fafnir



    1. Undead



    2. Mexi


      Or an hour later.. *Shrugs*

  4. Shiro was born the outskirts of Kyoto. His father worked at large insurance company as a account executive while his mother was a high school teacher. However after two years was forced to move with a distant uncle after both his parents died. The police believed it might have been homicide but dropped the case shortly after. Stating there was no evidence of foul play. His uncle lived in Chicago, he was divorced and was not able to see his son as well after the divorce. Once he was old enough, he went to school, however only average not exceptional at anything. His uncle would angry at this constantly and compare Shiro to his son saying he was worthless compared to him. Beatings would be regular whenever he did not A's in his class and punishments would become more extreme overtime. At the age of eight he was forced to sleep in the basement and was only allowed to leave for school or special occasions. To pass the time he read old books in boxes, there was a variety of them ranging from academic to fantasy. The fantasy and similar books gave him the most joy since it helped him escape from the troubles of his world and with the stories of the books. Immediately after he completed high school he was kicked out,, his uncle only kept him around till he was old enough to live on his own. He was homeless for a month before he found a place to stay till he was accepted into Eastern Illinois University. Revived a B.A in creative writing with a minor in political science.
  5. Fafnir

    Computer giveaway

    Might as well do this as well for @Jm Von Cat since tired of dealing with his useless laptop for the past three years.
  6. Fafnir

    • Fafnir
    • Aiko

    If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I would be holding a galaxy.


    1. SweetJoe


      hate to be that guy, but the quote made me laugh. How many stars are in a galaxy? after all that is a calculable number. so I asked Cornel University. http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/about-us/78-the-universe/stars-and-star-clusters/general-questions/343-how-many-stars-are-there-in-our-galaxy-milky-way-intermediate 

      they say the following : "So, even though we cannot actually count the number of stars in the galaxy, we can estimate the number of stars in the galaxy as roughly 100 billion (100,000,000,000).".

      so.  like wow tnats a lot of times shes brightened your day Faf.

      Aikos a lovely woman. 

  7. Aiko

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    • Fafnir

    Do you have a Deathnote? Cuz every time you smile, I feel like I'm having a heart attack.


    1. Buddy




      Love you guys..

  8. Fafnir

    Blast to the Past | Share your Screenshots!

    @Ender that was me not @Otto in that picture of the meeting, geez you guys always mixing us up so offending. Also have to many pictures so here are two random ones.
  9. Aiko

    • Aiko
    • Fafnir

    Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a Pokemon, I'd choose you!


    1. Fafnir



    2. Aiko


      You've been looking for love in Alderaan places.


    3. Fafnir





    4. Mischief


      SO WHY DOES @Iso never get on you guys for being cute motherfuckers???

    5. APositiveElmo


      Sorry, I was asleep

    6. Fafnir


      We're sneaky and wait for him to be asleep.


      Also may or may not just noticed this since too lazy and to much effort to sign in

  10. Born in Dubrovka of a poor family he was youngest sibling of the group of four. Alexander the oldest with Sven and Clarice afterwards. He worked around the house when he was younger listening to his older siblings till they joined the CDF and there was only his sister around most of the time. Mikoli avoids talking about when the Chedaki attacked his town when he was young for good reasons. Their parents were killed along with other things just as bad the civil war. His oldest brother Alexander made sure Mikoli was able to get a education. He got through community college till he decided to join the CDF. He felt that since the CDF tried to help protect his country and family from the Chedaki he felt obligated to help them. He feels the CDF is a extension of his family since Alexander is part of it plus being around Alexnader's cdf friends. He sees Alexander as a role model. Wished to make him proud by joining the CDF. Alexander protected the country and wants to do the same. His second oldest brother did the same and joined the CDF before he did. He joined the 76th mechanized infantry battalion, 3rd company, 2nd platoon, 2st squad with his brother that is a captain in the battalion after his training as a rifleman and became a corporal after a year. He only was going to be part of the CDF for a few years till he felt he paid them back for what they did and help pay for the rest of his education. With a better education, he was hoping maybe he help support his family with a better life. However, things went downhill shortly after. He was stationed at Miroslavl but moved to Chernogorsk as reinforcements to assist evacuations and to protect the city.
  11. Fafnir

    Černaruská Republika [CR] - Chernarussian Lore Faction - Open Recruitment

    I believe that was me, happy you enjoyed it. And I didn't have any problems with your rp or accent, and was enjoyable for myself as well.
  12. Aiko

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    Are you from Howl's Moving Castle? Cuz you take my spirit away.


    1. Fafnir


      Do you have a Deathnote? Cuz everytime you smile, I feel like I'm having a heart attack.


    2. Aiko


      I was just checking you out from across the room with my Sharingan.


    3. Fafnir


      I think I need a paralyze heal, cuz you're stunning


    4. Aiko


      I'd trade an arm and a leg to get a piece of your phiosopher's stone.


    5. Fafnir


      I don't need 99 souls. All I need is yours.


    6. Aiko


      Show me your Bankai, big boy.


  13. Fafnir

    S2-Cherno- NVFL Bad RP-16/08/2017 - 19:30-20:20 Pm

    Was talking to a civilian I believe before the situation, once the shots started going on I climbed a building and helped with overwatch. However, did not see anything other then cdf clearing the building across from our camp and trying to get civilians in the area to let us deal with the situation so they didn't get hurt. Didn't record anything from the situation.
  14. Fafnir

    Spawned inside the ground

    Run into the wall and have staff kick you from the server or turn off your internet while running into and it usually fixes it.
  15. Fafnir

    • Fafnir
    • Roland

    You already have a waifu let me have @Aiko k thanks


    Inb4 she tricked me in posting this

    1. Roland



    2. Fafnir





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