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  1. Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a Pokemon, I'd choose you!


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      You've been looking for love in Alderaan places.


    3. Fafnir
  2. Mikoli Bardov

    Born in Dubrovka of a poor family he was youngest sibling of the group of four. Alexander the oldest with Sven and Clarice afterwards. He worked around the house when he was younger listening to his older siblings till they joined the CDF and there was only his sister around most of the time. Mikoli avoids talking about when the Chedaki attacked his town when he was young for good reasons. Their parents were killed along with other things just as bad the civil war. His oldest brother Alexander made sure Mikoli was able to get a education. He got through community college till he decided to join the CDF. He felt that since the CDF tried to help protect his country and family from the Chedaki he felt obligated to help them. He feels the CDF is a extension of his family since Alexander is part of it plus being around Alexnader's cdf friends. He sees Alexander as a role model. Wished to make him proud by joining the CDF. Alexander protected the country and wants to do the same. His second oldest brother did the same and joined the CDF before he did. He joined the 76th mechanized infantry battalion, 3rd company, 2nd platoon, 2st squad with his brother that is a captain in the battalion after his training as a rifleman and became a corporal after a year. He only was going to be part of the CDF for a few years till he felt he paid them back for what they did and help pay for the rest of his education. With a better education, he was hoping maybe he help support his family with a better life. However, things went downhill shortly after. He was stationed at Miroslavl but moved to Chernogorsk as reinforcements to assist evacuations and to protect the city.
  3. I believe that was me, happy you enjoyed it. And I didn't have any problems with your rp or accent, and was enjoyable for myself as well.
  4. Are you from Howl's Moving Castle? Cuz you take my spirit away.


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      I'd trade an arm and a leg to get a piece of your phiosopher's stone.


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      I don't need 99 souls. All I need is yours.


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      Show me your Bankai, big boy.


  5. Spawned inside the ground

    Run into the wall and have staff kick you from the server or turn off your internet while running into and it usually fixes it.
  6. You already have a waifu let me have @Aiko k thanks


    Inb4 she tricked me in posting this

  7. He tilts his head listening to Ender and finishes up what hes doing and zips up his bag. As well as a guy can now of days and Lilly doing good as well. But my schedule looks clear for the rest of the year so sure why not. And if Lilly didn't hear this already I'll let her know. Just give a time and place or whenever it is appropriate. He lifts up his bag unto his back and grabs his gun getting ready to leave the room.
  8. While he kneels in a hospital room looking through his bag with medical supplies he found, looking back and forth at a list, Luke hears his radio go off with a familiar voice and grabs it and pushes down the the transmission button Uh I suppose I can hear you, in a middle of something but I can spare time for you. Whats up? He continues to go down the list and grabbing a pen checking things that he acquired while multitasking listening to the radio.
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    I didnt know you and @Aiko had the same birthday! Happy birthday!!!!

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      Thank you though

  9. Happy Birthday!


  10. Fooooof Neeeer HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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      Thanks, you red lobster

  11. A few pictures I took visiting @Aiko and when we went to the convention.





















    1. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      O.o interesting, also a lot of very flat stuff. 

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      Yep rocks, flat ground, hills and potatoes sum it up.

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      v_v; We dont have just potatoes...but yes...flat....farm land...that is a bulk of it. It goes farm....farm...farm....farm...farm....CITY!....farm...farm...farm.

  12. What's your reason for playing DayZRP?

    @Ender Those where fun times though Luke kinda abandoned ship when Strangers started to become bandits. But yeah joined the community because watched one of psisyndicate videos and looked fun, stayed because of friends I made in mod and new ones in standalone and started getting more into roleplay as time went on.