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  1. Must you kill mechanically those you 'kill' in RP? Can't you chop off a leg, an arm, instead of full on death? I guess if you consent to going out under the bite of a cannibal, there's nothing to prevent it, as we have no rule for or against cannibalism. But yeah, cannibals shouldn't being killing on sight, or randomly, for any reason, so I don't really know where you're coming from, Sebbe. I'm sure bad roleplayers will eventually try these things under the guise of eating folks, but the admin team will deal with that swiftly.
  2. BigLammo

    [L] Legion [Recruitment OPEN EU]

    Really though, First Republic group?
  3. Ok. As far as I know if you hear the initiation you can still gain kos rights regarding your group. So I love your example. If your looting the same city...stay in voice range. Why should you be able to shoot? How are you aware of the situation? Telepathy? I've seen lots of people argue and take to aiming guns at eachother...often without bloodshed. Now, if you don't know people then assuming someone is being robbed and sshooting is kos. That's why gs was done away with. If your friends are on the other side of town and you just go running and gunning that's kinda like a death match..If we disregard the magical radio that the attackers can't hear the victim using. So no. No good sam. Stick with shared proximity kos rights. Agreed. Going in guns blazing is meant for movies, not RP with other human players.
  4. The AK47 was certainly billeted for squad support since it was designed to imitate the SG44, so to say that the weapon was not intended for auto fire is out there, and the design and metal working would have reflected that. Now days that's really varied, since it is the most produced weapon in the world. The biggest and best feature of the 47 is that it refuses to break down. At the end of the day, I enjoy AR15 for its mobility and demand for upkeep, maintaining your weapon regularly keeps you on your toes. As for making weapons automatic it's very inexpensive, but complicated.
  5. Sorry to keep this a bit derailed but this is comparing elephants to nuclear power physics, isn't it? That was a silly thing for me to throw out here anyways, as I realise that bullets aren't fired to kill people, they're fired to keep heads down. Would you recommend the 47 as a stable fully automatic, though, and why?
  6. Uh, I think the hundreds of thousands of people dead because of them and the over 70 years of use would say otherwise on this. I mourn the loss of the amount of ammunition, which more than likely trumps our current worldly population twice over, that it took. Alright, so I was being a bit silly. I've mostly seen a cleaner, and more reliable use of the 47, but I contribute that to know how and the inability/unwillingness for the owners to make the weapon fully automatic. If fired on semi-shot with two/three round bursts your spread may not be bad at first. I just don't trust the 47 (I know, call me on believing an urban myth) because of the odd trajectory a few bullets might take, say, flying a few dozen degrees from their fellows during successive firing.
  7. Holy Teenage angst, Batman! Look at all these hardcore rock videos! Looks like you guys need to cool down and relax. Okay, maybe not relax, but let's get to the climax slow and easy! Smooth listening is all I do. You all know it, you love it, and if you don't you're number twenty-one. [video=youtube]
  8. I would never want to own an AK47, aside from the fact that I can be hiding in a sandbox for the unsuspecting to cross me and pop up, firing sand from the muzzle like it was made to use it as ammunition, but I feel as though I'd never hit anything, with how the muzzle warps from the firing just one shot.
  9. I'm never going to get over the fact that this is a UFO and the aliens use AK-47s.
  10. This condom says it expired a year ago. It's okay, I don't have AIDS. Yet.
  11. Yes and no. Yes because to the largely westernized population cannibalism (your tone on the subject helps give an example) is a pure form of barbarism. No because In many parts of Arfrica and even into Asia cannibalism is a practice, and a totally sane (to them) lifestyle. Your perception of people changes, of course but to some communities these are not captives, they are sacrifices, so that the rest may live strong lives or mercy killings. The Korowai Tribe of Papau New Gunieau, one of the last openly cannibalistic group on earth, eat only the "khakhua," who are infected (again to them - though khakhua is a real disease, and they all have it - with shakes/hysteria) by evil spirits and will die slowly, so to ease their pain they eat the infected tribal, who tells them the name of the next tribal the spirits will inhabit. However, these people are sickened by the thought of eating humans outside their tribe, as they do not do it for survival. You cannot say concretely that these people are crazy if it is their way of life. If you did research, did you know that during the Dark Ages we performed medicinal cannibalism routinely in Western Society to treat illness? Funnier still, it's not illegal to consume human flesh, just to butcher the body. Actually, SDS will have a good claim to RP cannibalism, as for warlords in that region are some times known for their cannibalism (remember District 9? That scene where he eats Prawn organs is entirely inspired by ritualistic cannibalism) but not as a food source, but a way (again, to them) to become immortal, or all powerful. Cannibalism is not even recognized as a mental ailment, but it's assumed that those that do so criminally (for the act of cannibalism) have childhood traumas, and maybe oral aggression (a need to bite, or act feral). As for cannibalistic survivalists, they could be perfectly sane. If you lived in a world of zombies and had a nice, secluded farm house that friendly people kept coming to with nice gear but not much food, as the owner you may think rationally that, for your survival, you will need to consume any survivors coming to look for help, rather than going to scavenge on your own. Human cattle is extremely resilient to amputation, so your food will not spoil, but it may sicken, and they would run the risk of developing khakhua, but that is, in realistic terms, a protracted neurological disease that takes years to accumulate beyond your hands shaking, and being an awkward conversationalist.
  12. You're going to pay 1000 USD to sit on a couch? Hell yeah, rock and roll.
  13. Or they aren't. I like the idea of being innocent until proven guilty.
  14. We are playing an Alpha, and persistence is a very new feature. It will be months until it's good enough to be enjoyably played in the set-up the DayZRP server has, if your mind is on loot and your feet aren't in the inland.
  15. They have GMod RP where you don't have to think as much.
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