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  1. Andrei Tupolev was born October 25, 1965 in Polyarny, Murmansk Oblast, Russia, to Ivan and Anya Tupolev. Andrei is an only child. Ivan (born c. 1918) worked as a submarine decommissioner in the Soviet Polyarny "Shipyard Number 10", a Soviet shipyard used to deliver nuclear submarines as well as decommission old vessels. Very little is known about Ivan's background as he was orphaned from a young age as a result of the Third Russian Revolution. His parents (Sergey and Anna) were anarchists involved in the attempted coup and died between April and May of 1918 after a Bolshevik attack against anarchists. It is assumed Ivan was born in 1918, however an exact date cannot be found because of the death of his parents. He was adopted and raised by his aunt Marina (who lived in Polyarny). Ivan worked at Shipyard Number 10, including through World War II, until his retirement in 1975. He died in 1976 after a battle with cancer, a cancer most likely brought about by the asbestos used in the shipyard. Anya (born November 8, 1923) was born to Alina and Alexey Ostovich in Moscow, Russia. Alina and Alexey both worked as groundskeepers at various political buildings in Moscow until their deaths, both in 1962, as a result of a house fire late at night. Anya followed in her parents footsteps as a groundskeeper in Moscow before meeting Ivan on holiday in St. Petersburg. She moved to Polyarny to live with Ivan, and they soon had Andrei. - Andrei spent the majority of his childhood in boarding school across the Kola Bay in Murmansk. He received average marks, but nothing exciting enough for the Communists to take interest. His childhood passions consisted of wilderness survival, camping, hiking, hunting, and outdoor sports. He spent the majority of his free time in the woods. He was an avid outdoorsman, with involvement in the Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union, a national, state-endorsed youth scouting organization. Vladimir Lenin himself had a hand in creating and managing the organization. His love of the outdoors continued after childhood. He remained involved in the Young Pioneers as an adult leader or “Scoutmaster”. The responsibility involved in running a local troop included planning meetings, outings and events, fundraising, and teaching. When the Communist Party fell in 1991 Lenin’s Young Pioneer’s was disbanded. In its place thirty or so regional and national Scouting organizations took its place. Andrei remained through all of this. After the fall of the Communist Party in 1991 he transitioned into a local scouting organization and began his work there. Andrei, having realized he had never traveled beyond St. Petersburg, decided in 2020 to travel to Sochi. He had seen the Olympics on television and dreamed of attending but could not escape his responsibilities. He decided to save money when he could to visit the Olympic park. Although Andrei was aware of a small outbreak of the so-called Frenzied Flu on the nearby island of Namalsk, he was not worried. After all, his local news stations never put very much emphasis on it or the symptoms; to him, it was a flu. When he arrived in Sochi, however, he found a much different picture than what was painted for him. He discovered a bustling panic of a town, overwhelmed by the pandemic. He asked around for information and discovered the island was being quarantined with hundreds still on the island. Andrei was overcome with a sense of sadness for his fellow countrymen. He felt that he needed to go to the island to help survivors, as it was obvious the local government had abandoned them there. Andrei commandeered a small fishing flatboat and set off for Namalsk, with nothing but the clothes on his back. How bad could it be? After all, he was still relatively healthy for his age, and was well-versed in survival.
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