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  1. this is PEAK content, I don't know what you mean.
  2. "He would press down on his PTT* " I hope you have licenses for all that, bud" *He would release his PTT*
  3. Case by case bias btw

  4. Walker lived a pretty average life for a San Francisco kid, smoked pot, and enjoyed life. Although if you asked people who knew him well but not well enough they described his as quick to anger and a bit narcissistic. One thing that particularly set him off is if someone made fun of his style or his rare but occasional stutter. He eventually ended up in Chernarus because of a self funded trip around eastern Asia and Europe. This is when he found himself stuck in Miroslav. In a country he was unfamiliar with and surrounded by scared tourist and civilians alike. During the Apocalypse a CDF member thinking it would be funny made fun of his stutter and Walker threw a punch, then proceed to get his shit kicked in. After this he elected to leave and snuck out in the middle of the night.
  5. thanks @ShanePVP for the avi even though it took you like a month to get back to me


    1. ShanePVP


      in fairness it was like 3 weeks x

    2. Major


      It's a nice avatar

  6. That's not a legit reason to close a thread.The poll fits his "narrative" because it is what everyone who has seen it thinks of the verdict. Closing a thread because people don't think the same way about a situation hmmmmm
  7. You know that's not what he wanted at all...


    1. Shroud


      That is indeed not what i meant @Hofer

  8. I swear if i see any of you on WoW I'm gonna smack you down in it

    1. Gaylaxy


    2. Shroud


      Bit of a yikes on your part galaxy

    3. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Aye Galaxy what server you play on?

    4. Gaylaxy


      Was going to get on but may wait a couple months and play catch up, better than 4 hours to get in since I just dont have the time for it rn

  9. Well fuck i have so many @Dew @Dom @Jewell @pado (Whatever you name is now) @Dusty @Blake @Diamond @Shroud (When you're not crying over hearts of Iron) @Kaliss @Lost @ShanePVP @SassyRP (When you're swinging dew around the room) @Joe @YNW Law @YNW Jasper @YNW Pep @Apollo @Bobby @dawsonpark @Dustup @focus @Gatorr @Grizzly_ (Tried to get grizzly but idk his forum name and it won't let me delete this rando) @Hollows @Nik @Osku @Squillium (Don't report this post) @Wendigo @Dan @Nihoolious @Pepe Jones @dany1 And i almost forgot @Undead @Who ever else I can't remember wooooooooooooow
  10. Won't be running into any trouble with the law will you? Hope to see you guys in-game soon
  11. nb4 Cherno raid @Dew for ruining the picture
  12. Wow my RP has already been complimented twice, can you say the same @Nik
  13. @YNW Pep congrats on your first tally mark

    1. Lost


      well done bro

  14. Enjoyed running into you guys but then things got a bit heated and I had to bail
  15. Ivan was born into a large family and was encouraged heavily to enlist into the military. After serving a two year stent, he retired to join the Chernorussian police force. Once in the police force he quickly rose through the ranks and was asked to join the OREL, a special forces division of the police. Much like swat but harsher and unrelenting. He did very well in his OREL unit until the outbreak occurred. After that all OREL units were deployed to ground Zero to help the military control this new found apocalypse. Obviously the outbreak was not contained and Ivan has found himself in the position he is now.
  16. *Selim would push down his PTT* "Are you not the man childs who kissed down onto our boots? You did everything we told you to like a dog, We told you to go get you leader, you played fetch We told you to listen to us and don't talk, you perked you ears and didn't use your dog tongue. And now you have chiseled your own tomb stone with the words "I think we scared off the Muslims." *He would release his PTT*
  17. Maaz al Selim PoV: So i hear someone yell that there is a lesbian inside of the shop hiding from my group so of course we run in. I run to the other side so they can't not comply behind the shelf. Once Norway initiates I raise my gun to initiate as well. As I'm half way through they start to move behind cover to get out of Norway"s gun so they can not comply so I use the kill rights I already got from the guy initiating on G19 to take him out so he can't shoot my ally.
  18. I'll post later today when I'm done at work
  19. My PoV: I arrive shortly before Hollows is killed. I set up waiting for the people to shoot at him. Once they do Diamond runs down and gasses me accidentally.
  20. @Roland would we be able to add some stuff in that is group specific and use the item shop?

  21. @SleepyRP You make dew a avatar but not me? 😪

    1. Sleepyhead


      woah woah! what kinda avatar do you want?

    2. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      idk lmao, you decide 

  22. I need money, someone send some

    1. Mexi



    2. Billy


      I don't do charity kid. Move along.

    3. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Who are you?

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