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  1. YNW Viking

    S1: RDM in Severograd - 2019-06-11, ~20:40

    He was.
  2. YNW Viking

    S1: RDM in Severograd - 2019-06-11, ~20:40

    My PoV: I arrive shortly before Hollows is killed. I set up waiting for the people to shoot at him. Once they do Diamond runs down and gasses me accidentally.
  3. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    @Roland would we be able to add some stuff in that is group specific and use the item shop?

  4. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    @SleepyRP You make dew a avatar but not me? 😪

    1. SleepyRP


      woah woah! what kinda avatar do you want?

    2. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      idk lmao, you decide 

  5. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    I need money, someone send some

    1. Mexi



    2. Billy


      I don't do charity kid. Move along.

    3. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Who are you?

  6. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    I'm trying to upload a mp3 to use for a character page and nothing is working, I need advise

    1. Watchman


      upload here


      Copy Direct link, .. if the file is Wav its no bueno has to be mp3

    2. Crim


    3. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Yee i got it thanks

  7. YNW Viking

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    What people have been saying why they say "Weak" they mean that it's stupid when people use private messages to get someone pointed/permed. In my opinion using a private message between two people to get someone pointed is wack
  8. YNW Viking

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    @G19RP and @ScarRP when someone runs away from them
  9. YNW Viking

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    Whenever I see a line through @YNW Jasper 's name
  10. YNW Viking

    Nozzy's Not So Good Edits

    How do you fail at taking Poland as Germany?
  11. YNW Viking

    Hostile Action DayzRP s1//7:11PM PDT

    I was one of the guys who took you hostage. Please explain how you think these rules were broken? Also feel free to message me on Discord or PM's to talk this out if you want.
  12. YNW Viking

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    @Roland when as soon as he goes on vacation the Rule 2.3 report goes up
  13. YNW Viking

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    @Hollows on SC when he's at the gym
  14. YNW Viking

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Me anytime @Squillium post a new character knowing it's gonna be generic white guy #417 Me and Squillium are friends none of this is flame
  15. YNW Viking

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    First and last time
  16. YNW Viking

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Bastion sitting at their castle not following their group goals
  17. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking



  18. YNW Viking

    The Playhouse [Limited Recruitment]

    Enjoyed the rp tho
  19. Kainye joined the UN shortly after his country erupted into a civil war and the UN came in as to try and help the population. Kainye wanted to try and help rather than being forced to fight in one of the warlord's armies or for the DRC's army. Shortly after his enlistment he was shipped off to Chenarus to aid with their recovery after their civil war.
  20. YNW Viking

    To the house and Declan O'hare (open freq)

    "Taji Pushes his PTT" "What the fuck are you talking about "Taking care of some Jackels" who the fuck are you to think you can make up lies?" "Releases the PTT"
  21. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    Who wants to be our YNW admin?

    1. DrMax


      How much you paying?

    2. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      nah nah, you gotta pay us

    3. DrMax



  22. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    In honor @YNW Dusty

  23. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    So a friend insults you group and no one cares and no one reports it, but then he gets permed.

    This some real Socraties shit, it be puzzling as hell

  24. YNW Viking

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS / Rule Violation 2.3 / Possible Stream Sniping / NFVL - 2019-04-19 - 02:25

    Taji Tian: So I link up with @Dew outside of Novy and they say that there are people heading up to Gorka and that we're following them. The two of us get up there right as they initiate. I see someone run into the little eletrical building, walk up and it's Hope and one of her friends. They say they don't know whats going on and I tell them to stay inside so they don't get hurt. I walk up onto one of the little hills at the compound and get sniped, dead. Also, while combing through your vod I noticed the same guy who in @Shroud's post was Metagaming was saying that he wanted to find us and shoot us,, and that he "Doesn't care if he catches a ban." As a community member that is a VERY toxic mindset. You should take getting banned seriously and not say that you want to KOS people just because you lost a little bit of gear as throughout the majority of the situation you complained a lot about losing it because of your death. Also after scanning a little bit more , I found this little bit of hurtfulness
  25. YNW Viking

    YNW Viking

    I don't have enough beans for this thread

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