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  1. You must tell us! I want more!
  2. this is PEAK content, I don't know what you mean.
  3. "He would press down on his PTT* " I hope you have licenses for all that, bud" *He would release his PTT*
  4. Case by case bias btw

  5. thanks @ShanePVP for the avi even though it took you like a month to get back to me


    1. ShanePVP


      in fairness it was like 3 weeks x

    2. Major


      It's a nice avatar

  6. That's not a legit reason to close a thread.The poll fits his "narrative" because it is what everyone who has seen it thinks of the verdict. Closing a thread because people don't think the same way about a situation hmmmmm
  7. You know that's not what he wanted at all...


    1. Shroud


      That is indeed not what i meant @Hofer

  8. I swear if i see any of you on WoW I'm gonna smack you down in it

    1. Gaylaxy


    2. Shroud


      Bit of a yikes on your part galaxy

    3. YNW Viking

      YNW Viking

      Aye Galaxy what server you play on?

    4. Gaylaxy


      Was going to get on but may wait a couple months and play catch up, better than 4 hours to get in since I just dont have the time for it rn

  9. Why do you sell your body for beanz lol? XD XD ? XD 

  10. Well fuck i have so many @Dew @Dom @Jewell @pado (Whatever you name is now) @Dusty @Blake @Diamond @Shroud (When you're not crying over hearts of Iron) @Kaliss @Lost @ShanePVP @SassyRP (When you're swinging dew around the room) @Joe @YNW Law @YNW Jasper @YNW Pep @Apollo @Bobby @dawsonpark @Dustup @focus @Gatorr @Grizzly_ (Tried to get grizzly but idk his forum name and it won't let me delete this rando) @Hollows @Nik @Osku @Squillium (Don't report this post) @Wendigo @Dan @Nihoolious @Pepe Jones @dany1 And i almost forgot @Undead @Who ever else I can't remember wooooooooooooow
  11. Won't be running into any trouble with the law will you? Hope to see you guys in-game soon
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