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  1. Viking


    So a friend insults you group and no one cares and no one reports it, but then he gets permed.

    This some real Socraties shit, it be puzzling as hell

  2. Viking

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS / Rule Violation 2.3 / Possible Stream Sniping / NFVL - 2019-04-19 - 02:25

    Taji Tian: So I link up with @Dew outside of Novy and they say that there are people heading up to Gorka and that we're following them. The two of us get up there right as they initiate. I see someone run into the little eletrical building, walk up and it's Hope and one of her friends. They say they don't know whats going on and I tell them to stay inside so they don't get hurt. I walk up onto one of the little hills at the compound and get sniped, dead. Also, while combing through your vod I noticed the same guy who in @Shroud's post was Metagaming was saying that he wanted to find us and shoot us,, and that he "Doesn't care if he catches a ban." As a community member that is a VERY toxic mindset. You should take getting banned seriously and not say that you want to KOS people just because you lost a little bit of gear as throughout the majority of the situation you complained a lot about losing it because of your death. Also after scanning a little bit more , I found this little bit of hurtfulness
  3. Viking


    I don't have enough beans for this thread

  4. Viking

    Real life picture Thread

    Yeah thinking about it I remembered my inner arm and back took about the same time, my skin swells up a shit ton when I get tatted
  5. Viking

    Real life picture Thread

    I mean yeah definitely, I'm happy with the quality of mine and I've gotten two done from this guy. It does also depend on the area, I haven't gotten a piece under the elbow so I don't know how painful it is, but the inside of the bicep definitely hurts
  6. Viking

    Real life picture Thread

    6 Hours? Seems like a kinda long time considering a 4th of my back took 6
  7. Viking


    @Impostor 2 do the group

    1. Zombru
    2. Viking


      BUT WHY


    3. Zero


      thank you @Zombru


    4. Zombru
    5. Viking




  8. Viking

    Vote Now! - SCEENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Sunset/Sunrise

    You know I gotta vote for my boi @DaRsnn
  9. Viking

    Extend stash timer

    People have tons of stashes and shit stashed around has almost completly ruined the loot table for high end guns. No one can find them except for on other players. Nah stashes need to stay the way they are or just remove them.
  10. Not talking about you, Scarelet Rose put a report up not to long ago
  • Viking

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Honestly, I have been taken captive by many hostile groups recently, and I have yet to experience bad RP, mabye I don't have a agenda I'm trying to push with my RP but i've enjoyed most of my encounters. Except that Highlanders post specifically said ALL in all caps and so did you in your reply below I mean from what i've heard from people who know you you don't really seam to like many of us. Fair enough. But from what i've seen in my time in the community, if you dislike someone OOC you're more likely to start a situation off poorly. Also we did try to reach out to you before that report and even after hearing that why Dew shot you. We heard that you were still upset and wanted to report. I get that you didn't like Sassy's RP but I wonder how you would have fared if you were around for Alba 19. You do realise that groups can't just PVP right? Honeslty I can only think of maybe two people in our group that has sometimes lack luster RP sometimes, that being @Pep and @Wendigo (that last one was a meme wendigo.) But the people you were reporting for bad RP have been in many groups and one of those groups won group of the year, so I don't really think their RP can be classified as bad ya know. But if those people truely are incapable of providing good RP do you really think they would be around still? And yeah I see your disclaimer but as we were discussing Jackals I'll still bring them up. The point of that reply was that it was a useless post cluttering this thread just for the sake of a few beans and get your post # up. You've said many things that I dont agree with, Is this reply a trolly/ salty reply?
  • Viking

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I can't read every reply on 10 pages of a huge thread in which many people have written essays. And while yes she didn't mention my group, she probably wouldn't, ya know since she put up a report on us, which got thrown out, and i'm sure you won't mention my group either because you also put a report up on us. What this thread is about is the fact that people can't find other people. If you would like to imply that a group is doing better Rp than other groups I think it would be better placed on the group in questions thread. And if you think a certain group has bad rp leave them feedback as well. The fact that you think most hostile groups RP needs to learn from other groups is super elitist. If you think a group such as the Jackals ( a group who have very experienced RP'ers most of who have been here for over two years.) Need to improve their RP based on what a different group did , i just don't understand that. Some groups hostile RP makes sense to be very hostile. Such as Jackels, if we believe that you're weak we're gonna treat you like shit IG because that compleatly goes against how everyone in the group thinks. Not a constructive post nice try tho, maybe next time use the beans button It's not relevant because that is not what this thread is about. If we wanted to do great pats on the backs we would have named the thread "What groups are going good and why hostile RP'ers need to learn from them" I will never change how I interact with someone (Unless it's badRP) based on how a different group did their hostile RP.
  • Viking

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Your statement was a general statement that still could have been more productive on their group page. The issue here is no one can find people, not what groups are doing good and what groups need to "learn" from other groups.
  • Viking

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    You know what attracts bandits right? large amounts of guns and people those people who set up outside the base will definitly get attacked, probably with the help of the people in the safe zone Sorry to ruin the pats on the back but this isn't a group page, I think it would be nice to have this thread not super cluttered any more than it is.
  • Viking

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    So here is an idea that I haven't seen yet on the thread, might have been said but I don't have time to read 175 post. But what about old mod days with admin enforced no hostilities safe zones? We have base building and if they zones are required for no hostilities people should come there at at least most parts of the day so if someone griefs it, hopefully someone would be there to get an ID on who is griefing it. I'm sure there are a plethora of problems with that plan but hey, non-hostile rp'ers win because there is a place where they can't get robbed and PVRP'ers get a place to build tensions between groups, potentially take people who are outside the save place before they get there or after they leave.
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