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  1. Do you think 750 Rubles is worth making a fuss about? I'm used to starting over from nothing. Only thing that really bothers me is the shitty circumstances of my death. Hopefully someone found my stuff and put it to good use.
  2. Well I just died upon logging in. Is it against policy to at least TP me back? I'm not trying to be pushy.
  3. At 00:51 in the military tents near the school in Cherno, I was about to defend myself from a group of infected when my game crashed. I have not logged back in and I'm not sure if they killed me or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I've gone back and rewatched my video, as well as brushed up on the rules regarding comms. What @Zanaan pointed out about us communicating was an accurate observation. Max was relaying tactical info to me as I was loading in, which we thought was okay in the heat of the moment. Had they confiscated his radio, we would have muted. Nothing else was said after the second disconnect shown in-video. I couldn't reconnect to Discord either. Thankfully, I never acted on the info I was not supposed to have, and I have not logged back in since, so I should be located exactly where I initially lost connection in front of them. This gives me an opportunity to make this right by correctly acting out RP with the Del Toro gang and surrendering peacefully. As I have stated before, I do not care about losing my gear whatsoever and would gladly surrender it as an apology for this mess. Even if my testimony and evidence is not good enough and I am perma-banned, at least let me give them the items or have admins directly compensate them.
  5. @YAKMOUTH @YakMutie @YakNiller I should've stated much sooner that I would be happy to reconnect to place myself back in the original scenario. If the attacker group is willing to return to that area, I'd eagerly RP this correctly as though I never DC'd. Whatever happens IC happens, and I do not care about losing my gear. It's DayZ, you lose your gear all the time.
  6. I didn't take long to attempt to reconnect at all. The time it took for my PC's memory to basically unfreeze itself and for me to load the game back up was essentially 5 minutes of waiting altogether. Each time I login to DayZ, that normally takes approximately 3-4 minutes of loading for my PC. This was the only video evidence I could recover since the game crashed.
  7. Right. I'm not used to handling reports, so apologies for not elaborating. Starting from the point that my friend started shooting infected at the army tents, we agreed that I would hide in the treeline(very poorly might I add) and gun down the assailants if they decided to initiate there and then. The other group did in fact RP the situation appropriately. I did not hear the conversation that lead to my friend attempting to retreat from the group questioning him. As they found me and @Max Smit the situation got worse. Right at the point where things got hostile and attempted to get us both to surrender, my connection was lost. I did everything I could to log back in multiple times.
  8. I lost connection RIGHT at the heat of the moment when we were getting ready to be taken prisoner. I genuinely tried to relog ASAP. Here's video proof, and a sincere apology to the attacker group. This was in no way intentional.
  9. One thing I noticed is at 2:48 I asked them what group they represented and one of them stated that they "did not represent anything". Not 10 seconds later they change their minds and initiate, stating that they're from the Russian Federation which is not possible according to the lore since they have been kicked out of Chernaurus. Second point: While they were rifling through my gear, all ammunition for my weapons including a box of .357 was "confiscated for safety" which ironically caused me to nearly starve to death. I had no food after they turned me loose. Had they allowed me to keep my .308 or .357 rounds, or not accosted me in the first place, I could have hunted an animal for meat. I did not possess any .357 caliber guns at the time of the robbery and stealing that .357 specifically was a needless act of plunder.
  10. Server: DayZ RP, location, southern coastline near Skalisty Island Approx server time/date of incident: 18:20-18:30, 10/13/2020 IG Name: Mack Quinlan No allies involved Name of suspects: Unknown Vehicles involved: One red Gunter(enemies) I just purchased a couple things at the NATO Skalisty trader about 10 mins before this robbery occurred. At approximately 18:20 I swam back to shore from Skalisty shortly before a Gunter with 4 men in green Russian military gear stopped driving to accost me. I recorded the entire incident but YouTube takes an absurdly long time to upload, so the video will be delayed. I will link to it ASAP, but I have to go to school right now. The video will show pretty much everything I've described and more. I was robbed needlessly by 4 men who failed to identify themselves, and provided little to no RP beyond "you are carrying contraband, hands up or die". Along with all my ammunition, they took certain items that did not pertain to the situation. IE: a box of ammo for a gun I did not possess at the time. This robbery appears to have been carried out for the sake of plunder on an easy mark. This unknown group claimed to be unaffiliated with any factions if I heard them correctly, making this an illegitimate robbery. Update: Video still processing, should be done in 20 mins Second update: Approx: 00:09 server time. Nearly starved to death because All of my ammunition besides some shotgun shells were taken from me. This included a box of .357 mag rounds that I could have used with a repeater I scavenged to hunt game. Because of this, I very nearly died, only barely surviving by fishing. There was no reason to take a box of ammo used exclusively in civilian grade guns when I did not possess any .357 caliber guns at the time of this robbery.
  11. Mack Quinlan enjoyed a fairly simple life in the urban areas of Cork, Ireland working as a Lieutenant of the Gardaí(Irish Police). He was proud of his work despite it being fairly dull, consisting mostly of dealing with traffic violations and drunken brawls brought on by disagreements over football. The most exciting part of his job was actually finding contraband like street drugs which was rare. Mack was rarely at home to spend enough time with his wife and son, Jenny and Liam. He relied on them to keep the house in shape while he paid the bills. He never truly appreciated how simple and peaceful his life was until he lost it. Day by day, month by month the infection got worse, shutting down more and more airports worldwide. Eventually, all of Europe's governments had failed to curb the spread of the infection, chaos ensuing in the streets. Forced out of his home and separated from his family, Mack continues to scour the ruins of the old world in search of his son who has been missing for many months. Eventually his travels have brought him all the way through Europe. Although as of late, he has begun to lose hope, simply offering his prayers for his sons well being wherever he may be. Mack's age is finally catching up with him, which may eventually force him to settle down in a nice quiet shack in the middle of nowhere. Not much need for an old goat like him in this strange new world.
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