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  1. Pipski

    Radio Channel out of Polana 96.6

    *Garry Chuckles and pushes down the PTT* "I have to ask. You do realize that Gieraltow is East, not North? So your not exactly leaving the south by moving to the other side of the southern forest." *He looks up at the darkening sky and starts walking faster to seek shelter from the rain.* "Well. Good luck to you anyhow. Try not to anger the bears. . . Well, any further than they already are. You know. Just. Stay out of the woods. Lot's of bitey things in here." *Starts running as he releases the PTT and rain starts falling in earnest*
  2. Garry grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He spent most of his school-days daydreaming out the window until he could start working. He found work as a contract security guard and never tried to progress any further. He decided to take his collected vacation time and spend it on a fishing trip out in the middle of nowhere in regards to tourism. So he chose Livonia. When he got there he was sold a map, a compass and basic camping supplies, a fishing rod and pointed off in a rough direction to the nearest fishing hole. By the time he encountered the infection it was already too late for him to leave the region. So he just spent his time wandering about from one campsite to the next. -WIP-
  3. I have only one thing to say on this topic.
  • Pipski

    Compiling errors?

    That was fast. Also fixx'd. Cheers m8.
  • Pipski

    Compiling errors?

    I figured i'd try to get back onto the old horse that is dayzrp. Then i learn i need some launcher for a mod that doesnt seem to do anything. And all I get. Is this damned error every time. What do? To further note, Abort, Retry and Ignore all do the same thing. Which is nothing. They do nothing.
  • CLASSIFIED: NAME: Phillip Frost. ID: S264118279 STATUS: M.I.A BRIEFING: - Lt. Phillip Frost was lost when his squadron was found dead after having been overwhelmed by infected. Frosts body could not be located, it is assumed that he either was turned by the infected or that he managed to survive. Rumors have arisen around various survivor camps and holdouts of a wandering doctor who Identifies as one "Doctor Frost". It is unknown if this is the same person or someone using, or with a similar name. - If found wandering as infected, attempting to capture him as a test subject for research is highly recommended. - If found and confirmed alive, he is to be assumed armed, dangerous and mentally unstable. Recommended course of action is to IF POSSIBLE capture and return Frost to base. - No action is to be taken until Identity is CONFIRMED.
  • Pipski

    The Tower

    I remember those days. I made a million medkits and stacked them at the entrance.
  • Pip moved to South Zagoria with his father. They were poor and found work wherever laborers were needed. Lumberyards, docks, train yards, the mines, even delivering packages to various villages around the small country. After some time of saving every penny they earned they managed to find an apartment inside the grand city of Chernogorsk. His father found more stable work on the docks while Pip continued to do the various tasks of a handy-man. Eventually Pip had saved enough to start thinking about what he actually wanted to do with his life, what cause or service he could provide to those that had been so kind to his father and to Pip himself. It wasn't long before Pip found a spark of passion for helping people, which grew stronger with every passing day. Fixing broken fences, carrying parcels to and from various locations, even occasionally assisting his father at the docks when they became more active only caused him to strive towards helping as many people as he could. Pip went to a job agency to find out what occupations he could apply for. There were many options varying from truck driving to the post office. But one job stood out to Pip. Pip signed his application immediately and went home, excited and ready. ~~WIP~~
  • Pipski

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    A bottle of Mountain Dew. May god help those poor zombies from a hyperactive pip.
  • Pipski

    Best Line when approaching players

    Keep it simple. " 'Allo! "
  • Pipski

    Real life picture Thread

  • Pipski

    LiF - Ignoring RP, Scores of Stumps, Potential NLR, Combatlogging

    POV: So my good friend Ingvar (Autumn) and myself (Pip) walked into the camp in the video as it is being built literally around the corner from us. Ingvar (Autumn) attempt to roleplay with the gentleman(whomever they might be) by asking for explanations on why he/his group is building directly over the rise from our town. Upon his silence and completely ignoring any and all roleplay, Ingvar(Autumn) drew his blade and prepared to initiate, the man simply glanced over and *pop* exited the game/logged out. Video link: http://plays.tv/video/583a7ac6b1ae4eddf2/quality
  • Pipski

    Text RP

    Note: I learned that if you yell in text, (using exclamation marks '!') causes your text to travel at voice range. /nod
  • Pipski


    *flex* pipski stronk!
  • Pipski


    Paving is a very satisfyingly relaxing task that allows the swifter travel of adventurers and merchants alike.
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