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  1. *Garry Chuckles and pushes down the PTT* "I have to ask. You do realize that Gieraltow is East, not North? So your not exactly leaving the south by moving to the other side of the southern forest." *He looks up at the darkening sky and starts walking faster to seek shelter from the rain.* "Well. Good luck to you anyhow. Try not to anger the bears. . . Well, any further than they already are. You know. Just. Stay out of the woods. Lot's of bitey things in here." *Starts running as he releases the PTT and rain starts falling in earnest*
  2. I have only one thing to say on this topic.
  3. That was fast. Also fixx'd. Cheers m8.
  4. I figured i'd try to get back onto the old horse that is dayzrp. Then i learn i need some launcher for a mod that doesnt seem to do anything. And all I get. Is this damned error every time. What do? To further note, Abort, Retry and Ignore all do the same thing. Which is nothing. They do nothing.
  5. Pipski

    The Tower

    I remember those days. I made a million medkits and stacked them at the entrance.
  6. A bottle of Mountain Dew. May god help those poor zombies from a hyperactive pip.
  7. https://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/funny-bread-celebs-4.jpg?quality=85&strip=info&w=500
  8. POV: So my good friend Ingvar (Autumn) and myself (Pip) walked into the camp in the video as it is being built literally around the corner from us. Ingvar (Autumn) attempt to roleplay with the gentleman(whomever they might be) by asking for explanations on why he/his group is building directly over the rise from our town. Upon his silence and completely ignoring any and all roleplay, Ingvar(Autumn) drew his blade and prepared to initiate, the man simply glanced over and *pop* exited the game/logged out. Video link: http://plays.tv/video/583a7ac6b1ae4eddf2/quality
  9. Note: I learned that if you yell in text, (using exclamation marks '!') causes your text to travel at voice range. /nod
  10. Pipski


    *flex* pipski stronk!
  11. Pipski


    Paving is a very satisfyingly relaxing task that allows the swifter travel of adventurers and merchants alike.
  12. Pipski


    PAAAAAVE! *continues paving*
  13. Pipski


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