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  1. It's here in these kinds of posts that people say how happy there are to have found this community, bla-bla-bla, but I don't like being such a cliché... *Clears throat*. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Stefan, an all-natural, yet bisexual Dutchman who is always on the lookout for something thrilling and challenging to play, whether it be through roleplay or casual DnD with friends. The reason I say that roleplay is challenging is cause it's always hard to play new characters with an interesting story, and of course when to bring that out. It has been a while since I've played on a (semi-)serious roleplaying server of any kind of game and I was interested in coming back to one, ever since I started up my DayZ again. I've talked and already looked at certain gameplay of various groups and people on the server and love the way people have stuck to their stories, and of course, am looking to do such myself. I wish everyone who is on the best experience and gameplay and will try to provide thus so for people if we were to meet, whether it be through Discord or roleplay. And as somebody with a vast amount of experience, from Gmod with my majority of 1500 hours and the other games, including DayZ, I've come here with expectations and am hoping to meet all of them together with the community. Thanks for reading through my post if you have come this far already, I hope you and I will meet someday and be friends from then on forward.
  2. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany. Raised by rather strict parents who taught him to be self-reliant. Alwin was appropriated to get a job where he could become more financially stable than his predecessors, rather than what he wanted to learn. So he ended up going to study at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. His first days there were hard and overwhelming, but he worked hard to get to where he wanted to be. It wasn't a profession he wanted, but it was one that paid well and served a better future, where he could help others and save lives. After 7 years at the University, when he was 25 years old, he had done research on Medical Institutions and Hospitals where he could only later learn to find a job. He continued on with this until he found a suitable job offering to work at Saint Lucas Andreas Hospital in the Netherlands, he was accepted there on contract by the board of the hospital for an extended amount of years. At first, he worked as a nurse there for various doctors over the years until he himself was trained and put to that exact role, spending around 10 years working there from nurse to doctor, dealing with patiënts, research, and pharmaceutical work. At the firm age of 35, the Netherlands were requested globally by the Europian Union to help supply enough medical personnel to prevent massive loss of life in the bare situation that the Czech Republic was in. Alwin was one of the selected medical personnel to be sent in an emergency, which he didn't mind because of the increased salary contract that was promised. But it was only worse when he arrived, it was a warzone where he had to put people back limb by limb. Death was around every corner, and it was not his plan to stick around for all of this. But problems arose when the Russians didn't let them leave. And ever since, Alwin had been working an unsafe life in the rough terrains of Chernarus and making his best to save others in need...
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