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  1. Thanks for responding. I'm happy with my character, I think he'll be fun to play if accepted. I'm worried about the step after: "Tell us about yourself" part. I botched that aspect of the application. My character is good.
  2. Hi Everyone. I recently submitted a whitelist application. At the time I was a little confused about the "tell us about yourself" but "share nothing personal" part of the application. I put in some stuff about myself, very generally, and it didn't come out that great. Now I'm realizing I should have done a better job and I have a few ideas of what to write. I'm trying to figure out a way to get back into my application to edit it before it gets reviewed. The reviewer's gonna think I'm a dope. Any ideas? is it possible to edit application after it's been submitted? Thanks!
  3. Alek Petrov found himself on the losing side of the Chernarussian Civil War. He liked the old republic and what Chernarus had become in a Post-Soviet world. He was just a boy when things got a little better for his family. He would hear stories about the bloodshed, but he never had any problems. Once the ChDKZ started becoming active in his community bad things started to happen. He took up arms with his brother Val and a few friends to fight against ethnic Russians and Moscow’s influence. After a few years of skirmishes with Russian fighters a full-fledged civil war broke out. The Russians were especially hard on his region. Everyone from his village were eventually killed or got lucky and moved away. During a period of heavy fighting, Val and one of their CDF comrades took a trip to the Northern regions to search for guns. They were losing the war and desperate measured were necessary. They got stopped at a check point and Russian propaganda reports say “they attacked officers and were quickly eliminated”. Alexi was devastated by the news and vowed to leave Chernarus and never speak of that place again. He wasn’t quitting, there was just nothing left to fight for. He got refugee status and left for New York city. It was 1/2/10, one day after the New Year when he arrived. He quickly enrolled in English classes, the sooner he could leave his old life behind the better. He already knew some English from school back in Chernarus so he quickly became fluent given the immersion. He was eager to lose his Chernarussian accent and fully commit to his new life of peace. He wanted to forget the things that happened back in Chernarus during the war- the torture, the fear, the grief, and his loss. The thought of violence now makes him feel sick. He gets dizzy watching Hollywood movies and his American friends think it’s just some silly tick of his. If they only knew. Alexi was watching the news just like everyone when the virus started breaking out; Chernarus was at the epicenter. Memories of the war and his brother flooded back making him dizzy to the point of passing out. The feeling of him abandoning his homeland and refusing to speak Chernarussian nagged at him. The idea that the reports of his brother’s death were just reports put out by the ChDKZ and Russsian propaganda started to weigh heavy. The Reds weren’t known for being truthful. Could he live with himself without being certain of his brother’s fate? His abandoned country was devolving among a national pandemic which soon became global. In April of 2020 he headed back to Chernarus while everyone else was desperately trying to leave. His damaged soul wasn’t built for fighting anymore so he didn’t know what good he’d do. His country was more Russian than Chernarussian now. One thing he was certain of, falling back into old ways will be easy if he meets any RAC.
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