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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A former worker in a gold and copper mine, Reville had rather criminal upbringing, working as a con artist and smuggler. After getting caught one too many times, he decided to leave the life of crime penniless. While on parole, he then started working in a copper mine where he spent around 28 years working in the mines. At age 52 he finally retired and was diagnosed with a late stage lung cancer, and was estimated to have 2 years left to live. A month later, he proposed to his long time lover, Valentine Ramirez. A year later, they got married, and went on a honeymoon to Deer Isle, during which he suffered a stroke at his birthday party, and was taken to the hospital where he stayed in a vegetative coma for 6 months. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reville grew up an orphan amongst gang members and frauds. He found no problem stealing from people who had too much but he was never one for violence. Working with fraudulent tour guides, he pickpocketed and conned tourists around his hometown for what little change may fall out of their pocket. After getting caught by the authorities a few times, most of his belongings confiscated, he decided to leave the criminal life. Unable to find much of a job, he decided to work in a copper mine. After 28 years, he finally retired at the age of 52, where he was immediately diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer that he had developed during his time in the mine. With an optimistic 2 years left to live, he decided to live life to the fullest, and propose to Valentine. Less than a year later, they got married and decided to go on a honeymoon to Deer Isle. On his birthday, Reville suffered a stroke which dropped him into a vegetative state. He stayed in the Stonington hospital for the remainder of his coma. Unbeknownst to him, the world outside would crumble into an apocalyptic chaos. The staff of the hospital in which he stayed in had abandoned the hospital, during the chaos, Reville was left behind where he stayed in a coma throughout the entire outbreak. After 6 months into the coma, he finally awakens, into a world unknown to him. The first thing on his mind was to find Valentine. He went to the hotel in which he stayed and found him locked up inside, infected, horribly decayed, injured, but alive, and hungry. After spending a whole month trying and failing to get the Valentine he knew back, he decided to end his suffering, and bury Valentine's body near the shore. He continued to spend the rest of his time around the isles trying to scavenge whatever he can, survive, and trade whatever he can find and not need. Hunting and stealing for most of his time, he avoided hostile contact as much as he could, and would try to talk his way out of trouble whenever he can.
  2. MaximTheBear

    Mr. Russo

    "he's a man of focus commitment and sheer will"
  3. Thank you for the answers! Alright. Now that I know what the in-game usage are, all i have to do now is google their names for their IRL/RP use. Thanks for the help everyone!
  4. So, I decided to make a list of medicine I've come across and their possible effects after searching through the forums and the discord server (Some of the info are outdated, which is why I). I have no clue what some of these actually does in game. A quick google search tells me what they're for IRL, giving it a use in RP, but not in game mechanics. I don't wanna accidentally give someone the wrong thing and have the IG mechanic put them unconcious, or worse, kill them. Here are some of the medicines I've found throughout my time looting. Much thanks if anyone knows or can confirm some of the things I'm unsure of! (Marked with `?`) [Name] - [IG use] - [RP use] Oxycodone - painrelief? - Pain treatment Pohuin - painrelief? - ? Naloxone - adrenaline? - Counters-opoids overdose Cetirizine - painrelief - counter-alergies Ibuprofen - Headache painrelief - It's Ibuprofen... Aspirin - painrelief - it's Aspirin... Paracetamol - painrelief - dampens colds and fevers Dexamphetamine - Adrenaline - It's amphetamine... Ketamine - powerful painrelief? - pain relief, sedation, and memory loss Procaine - painrelief - Like cocaine? Lidocaine - painrelief - anesthetic, blocks nerves Diazepam - ? - It's Valium... Hydroxyzine - ? - treatment of itchiness, anxiety, nausea and tension Glucose - ? - Helps those with low blood sugar Fluoxetine - ? - antidepressant Toxic cure (Don't know if it's still in the game) - Cures toxicity (Sorry if it's a bit messy, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post.)
  5. Honestly, a lot of people I meet on RP servers have either tried to rob me, or start some cult stuff. There's the occasional good stuff but most are just people in need of help and supplies, sometimes they take it by force, sometimes they ask nicely. I've been a traveling merchant in other servers, I like to try being a traveling medic in this server, and so far, it's been nice! I hop around servers a lot, but I feel like I could stay in this one.
  6. Finally got a good night's rest after chasing cows and deers. Zombies apparently love chasing cows too.
  7. It's been rough. After getting robbed twice, I finally found my first friendly faces.
  8. Born and raised in Cardiff, Maxwell spent most of his childhood throwing stones at his far fetched dream of becoming an astronaut. He studied physics and astronomy, but after failing his test, circumstances all around made him realize that what was more important, are still back on earth. His mother, a drug addict, is the only family he has, and was unsupportive of his education. His father was a helicopter pilot from Chernarus who left them as soon as she was pregnant. At least, that's what she tells Maxwell. He turned his attention to medical sciences, learning just enough to pass the exam, barely getting a job at the local hospital before ending up as a Paramedic. While he continued to work, his mother continued her self-destructive behavior until she finally died of a drug overdose while he was working an all-nighter. Overworked, underpaid, and now without a family, he decided to try and find a new purpose in life, to help more. With news of civil war in Chernarus reaching the U.K., he decided to set out on his own as a volunteer non-combatant, buying himself a ticket to Miroslavl, Chernarus, before traveling by bus to the front lines of South Zagoria, where the casualties are rising by the day. Throughout his time traveling from Mirorslavl to Cherno, he tried his best to ask around about his father, but with very limited knowledge of the language, and very limited knowledge of his father, he decided to forget about him, whoever he is, and focus on what he does best. Helping people. Eventually, he managed to get into South Zagoria after being harassed by soldiers at the border. With his guide, Sofia, a Nurse from Poland, he does his best working from hospital to hospital, moving with the tides of war as cities are occupied and liberated. Eventually, the virus broke out, and all hell broke loose. He lost contact with Sofia, and was robbed of all his medical equipment.
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