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  1. Sev had always had a keen eye for photography, however, being born and raised in north texas, he didn't have the best options as far as subjects go. But he made the best of it, winning several state and national level competitions for his stellar landscapes, but as he got out of high school he chose to join the U.S Army to see the world. He was a good photographer, but not the sharpest knife in the box. As it turns out though, he was also an excellent soldier, rising through the ranks and eventually joining the U.S Army Rangers in 2018. During his tours in Afghanistan he witnessed the horrors of war and after a serious leg injury in 2019 ended his stint as a soldier, he took up the camera once again and traveled to Chernarus to document the aftermath of the bloody civil war that had taken place years prior. Mere months after arriving, the outbreak began and he was trapped.
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