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  1. I came to Chernarus in the summertime as a foreign exchange student at the University of Chernarus. It was difficult to learn another language, but it was a different experience than college in the west. While I was hiking with some new friends that I made, I lost my footing and feel 15 off a cliff, putting me into a coma. Against all odds I survived with no brain damage. Just some broken bones and scrapes. I was fully aware during my coma, I could hear the doctors talk about my condition. My friends blamed themselves for this, but they shouldn't. My parents flew all the way here just to see me! 3 months went by, in October the hospital was more busy then ever from what I could hear, the doctors kept making sure I was getting antibiotics. Then one day everything was quiet. No one came in the room to check on, no one was talking outside the room, nothing. 2 weeks later I regained Consciousness, only to find that everyone was gone. It felt like something right out of the walking dead, I must have been dreaming. I managed to get up on my feet and make my way to the exit, only to be greeted by a group of armed men on the other side. They were bandits here to loot the hospital, they said. They keep their guns pointed at me as I had my hands up, thats when I saw them. Romers, walkers, zombies, the walking fucking dead. The ambushed the bandits and i saw my opportunity to run. For the past two weeks iv been trying to survive on my own, but it seems like humanity was thrown out the window because everyone is either out to rob you, or kill you. All I know is that I need to find a way off of this island. But for now Im going to have to survive. Even if that means taking the life of someone else.
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