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  1. Growing up in Houston my father was in the Army, i have always looked up to him as my hero and wanted to take a position in the military as he did. I always would work out after school and work when i could. I was the strongest in my class sometimes getting into conflicts with people when they were in the wrong. I always stood up to the bullies and made sure no one was getting harassed or getting bullied. When my 18th birthday finally came around, I went to the local recruitment office and signed up to join the Army Military Police. I shipped out on August 27th and went to basic training in Fort Knox, in Kentucky. After the long painful journey i finally graduated in one of the top classes. Which then became an MP in the facility. My group was soon deployed to Chernarus to protect a airbase, as a cause of the riots that were happening. We had many protests in the city of Chernogorsk, we stayed calm and tried to lesson the riots. One night while we were in the city we got a distress call from the Balota airstrip saying there was cannibals on the base. We got in our vehicle and started heading over there. before we got there we could hear gunshots and explosions. As we arrived the whole place was a chaotic mess. There were people getting eaten, and people getting shot everywhere. we drove up on the south side of the runway and proceeded to assist anyone that needed it. There were a group of soldiers in the command building with a group of "things" that didn't look like cannibals outside trying to tear the door down. They were screaming and making groaning and moaning noises. We got there just as they broke the door down and shuffled inside. We had barely made it to the soldier. we barricaded to the door with what we could. We heard a missile alert start to go off and we ran for cover but before we could get to any the bombs hit, tearing the airstrip to pieces along with our building. I had awaken the next morning to see fire and dead bodies everywhere. i got up and went outside to find everything torn to shreds by the bombs. I could see smoke in every direction. I got my bearings and starting to search for gear and other survivors. I had found a pistol with a couple mags and no one else that survived I decided to head over to Chernogorsk to see what that was like, that where my story continues.
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