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  1. "Dany" was born in Cumbria, A city in the North-west of England he grew up in a middle-class home, He is 1/2 english 1/2 spanish,As a teenager he always loved the outdoors and the wilderness, As a teenager he was always a teenager that would never take anything seriously or any responsibility or care about anything which led him to get into a lot of trouble as growing up as a teenager, getting in trouble with the police,other people. When he mentally grew up he realised the situation he had got himself into and decided to move to Berezino in Chernaurus for a new start to get away from where everyone knew him, He had learnt Russian in school so the language barrier would not be a problem for him, He moved to Berezino since this allowed him to be able to work at the docks to be able to afford the property he was renting. As the pandemic started to arise to peoples knowledge Dany, started to lead a nomadic sort of life, Isolating himself away from everyone, He decided that he would live out in the countryside live off the environment hoping he can ride out the pandemic this way and help people as much as he can.
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