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  1. Thank you for accepting me to this community, cant wait to meet every amazing soul out there.
  2. Abram Kalashnik was born fairly into a good family, but as he was growing up, his father slowly became in love with drink and things began to change, time passed by, Abram now 19 graduated from school and got accepted to college to become a firefighter, his father now a full time alcoholic Abram has to provide for the family and work outside of college so that his close ones at least have something. Now 6 years have passed, Abram now a firefighter providing for the family. On this particular day, Abram working a night shift gets a call about a huge fire in Elektrozavodsk, his crew gear up and drive there immediately, as they get close, they see a lot of military man, there eyes cant describe the horror and death everywhere, Abram now hard at work to save anyone he can while the military is killing the infected, 7 hours now have passed and everything seemed as it was ok now, the fire was out and it was time to get home, on the way back home to Chernogorsk as they were getting close All Abram saw was infected and the dead, he ran in the house to see if his loved once were ok, but ran in to a place of horror, his loved once dead and over them standing his infected father, who on the night while Abram was fighting the fire, became very ill, then infected and killed Abrams whole family in the house. Abram now all alone, roaming the lands in search of at least a tiny piece of hope, a new start, a new home.
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