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  1. Chrissy grew up as an only child from german and scottish immigrants in Montreal Canada. At the age of 5, her parents divorced and her father joined the Canadian military. she didn't have much contact from that point on. Her mother, a heavy alcoholic tried her best to give Chrissy the best life she could but often fell short. Chrissy spent many nights with her German grandparents listening to life in Germany and Estonia before WWII, this triggered a curiosity in Chrissy to research her family tree. in August 2013, her opa past. She inherited a large box with treasures and items from WWII, including a large hunting rifle. Not knowing much about weapons, she decided to take a hunting course, a skill that she believed could always come into handy no matter what. The hunting instructor, Maxwell instantly strunk her interest. She decided to apply to work at the hunter's lodge to get to know Maxwell. In August 2014, Maxwell and Chrissy were married in the same beautiful woods they first met near. 3 months later, Maxwell was driving back to the lodge in the evening time with Chrissy when a large moose came into the road. With little time to stop, they struck the moose. The front end of the vehicle had been crushed and Chrissy's right leg was crushed. With her recovery involving many surgeries, medication and therapy, they're marriage began to crumble. After months of work and recovery, Chrissy was ready to get her life going. So, Maxwell purchased tickets to travel the post Soviet countries in order to help Chrissy trace her family tree. On January 23 2020, they arrived in Kozlovka.There was talk of a virus called The Frenzied Flu going around but no one seemed to be very concerned. 2 week later, they arrived in Chernogorsk. They noticed that many of the stores had been closed and restaurants seemed empty but decided to stay for a few weeks. After a week for touring, the town was put into immediate lockdown and they were unable to leave. They tried to contact family back in canada and couldn't, the governments refused to help them. THey were stuck in a foreign land with no help. Over the next few weeks, the military forces began taking over the towns and stopping anyone from leaving. In April, Chrissy slipped in the stairs and hurt her leg again. She needed pain meds if she wanted to continue moving. She asked Maxwell if he could go into the town and see if someone at the medical tents could give him some. While walking through the near empty streets, a man attacked Maxwell with no explanation why. He fought the man off and ran as fast as he could to find help. He returned a few hours later with no meds. Chrissy would have to sit this one out. On May 10th, Maxwell, Chrissy and many other citizens where forced out of their homes and hotel to be put into camps. The camps were over packed with limited supplies. Thankfully chrissy was given some pain meds for her leg, giving her the ability to walk better. Those who stepped out of line were punished so Maxwell and Chrissy kept they're heads down. They knew they had to get out. By the end of may the camp was abandoned, they were on they're own. They packed whatever they could find and began they're trip home. There wasn't much stopping, there was only one goal. Get out of here in one piece.
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