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  1. Edward is from the state of Wyoming in the United States. His family consisted of his father, mother, older sister, and himself. His mother was American, and his father carried some heavy eastern accent but always avoided the inquiries into its origin. Edward grew up on a ranch where they raised cattle and grew alfalfa. Wyoming is a small state, with half of a million people, and as such Ed was raised on small town values of "helping one's neighbor" and "lifting up by the bootstraps". Ed was a decent outdoorsman, but rarely found the time to indulge those hobbies because the ranch required most of his time. After high school Ed decided college was not for him; Instead, he would take the safe comfortable option and carry the family tradition and run the ranch. Only a few days before his 21st birthday his parents informed him that a long-lost relative from Russia had recently died and left his estate to Edward. Ed’s father seemed comfortable with this news and had no qualms sending Ed to claim this inheritance. Confused, Ed packed his bags and boarded a plane to Moscow and being from a small state and even more small town, was completely unaware of the flu that had been plaguing the region. While taking a taxi away from the airport, the driver lost control and crashed while trying to avoid people running into the road. Ed has been walking for hours along the river, trying to avoid the sick people.
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