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  1. Hello everyone, I have just loaded into the server for the first time yesterday and i had a blast. Although i was almost sold as someones property it was an incredible experience. I was looking for my wife in the vast centre of Chernarus When i came across what seemed to be an abandoned car. Being tired of walking i hopped in and started her up, my intentions were only to get around quicker to try and find my wife. Next thing you know its someones car and im being held at gun point. a bit of persuasion i was sold lol. I want to know if anyone else had an awesome first day when they joined and tell me a but about it? Thanks in advance. See you around.
  2. @Cas @Dan it was very fun. Wasn’t what i expected For my first day but it was very fun. Thank you.
  3. Maxwell Fox was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1984. His mother passed during labor. He grew up in a small town with not much to do other than farming and hunting. Maxwell and his father would go hunting every weekend, those are memorable times for Maxwell. Maxwell lost his father in a bear attack incident when he was 17 years old. Losing his father had a big impact on Maxwell. He had lost not only his Dad but his best friend as well. Maxwell became distant after he lost his Father. He became a hunting instructor. Never had many friends, never really went out. All he did was work work and work. Then one day in August 2013 a beautiful brown haired blue eyed woman named Chrissy walked in the door for Hunting Lessons. Maxwell fell deeply in love with this woman during their time together, as did she. They started spending all their free time together. Life was great. On August 13th 2016 they got married. Life was better than ever. They both worked together at the Hunting lodge and were living wonderfully. On September 13 2019, Maxwell and Chrissy got into a motor vehicle accident that almost amputated Chrissys leg. This accident also made a dent on their relationship. After 3 months of intense rehabilitation and almost a divorce Chrissy was able to walk again. To try and save his marriage Maxwell planned a one year backpacking trip and bought plane tickets to Kozlovka so they can travel Chernarus because Chrissys family tree leeds to Chernarus. Maxwell thought this would be great for both of them. They arrived in Kozlovka on January 23rd 2020. People were gossiping about a virus called the Frenzied Flu going around but none seemed to be to concerned about it, So the couple kept traveling. 2 weeks later they arrived in Chernogorsk. They started noticing stores being closed and restaurants empty. They decided to stay there for a few weeks. One week went by and the town was put under quarantine. Police were at every few yards. Military started coming into the town. On march 4th roadblocks were placed everywhere. No one was allowed to leave. Maxwell and Chrissy were stuck in an unfamiliar country with no one to help them. That morning Chrissy went to get breakfast and slipped in the stairs hurting her leg again. The pain was bad and she asked Maxwell to get her pain medication from one of the Medical Tents. As Maxwell walked towards the town center where the Medical tents were located he was attacked unexpectedly by what seemed to be a man possessed by a demon. Maxwell fought him off and ran as quickly as possible to get help. As he got into the towns center he kept overhearing people saying the released patients were going mad and attacking other people. On May 10th 2020 Maxwell and Chrissy were forced out by military and relocated into a camp. It was chaos. Sick people being killed because they posed a threat to public safety. People who tried to escape this camp would be punished with force and sometimes death. By the end of may the camp was basically abandoned, they were left there to fend for themselves. They decided to keep moving and take the risk of whatever was going on in Chernarus. Maxwell and Chrissy need to find a way home. So their adventure begins.
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