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  1. I like where this is going and All, but I'd really prefer to see it all in action and then I'll be more satisfied I (LOVE THE COMMUNITY) don't get me wrong, but a lot of things in the past weeks or so feel kinda as if we are transitioning for some reason and I'd love to see where this goes, but for now I'll stay away from the Foreground and in my own viewing space from here to there. I look forward to the future and the Community as a whole!
  2. Meta? Lol jk the hubs are more so the areas to go and check out others are scattered everywhere I’d recommend keeping your radio on and finding batteries if you truthfully want to not loose your mind... although exploring IC is always recommended instead of asking
  3. I remember the good old days on this map, I’d love too see it as a possibility it makes the apocalypse vibe amazing. Will miss it for sure...
  4. Thank you everyone who has and will soon add their story! (I didn’t think this thread would be so long!)
  5. Dear Readers First off I'd like to say this is a Positive Thread (Please no Toxicity) I'm always Curious why everyone Joined or how you found to community! This is mainly for General Conversation feel free to share! Quote of the Day: I can Cut every Flower in the world, but I cannot prevent Spring from coming... I cannot Resist the inevitable because I will never know How Inevitable the inevitable truthfully was... A Promise to me means everything yet can be taken away in a heartbeat...
  6. Personally I don't see many Issues with it as a Joke. If you don't like it personally just Contact staff and ask for it to be changed back. It isn't really hurtful or any sort of Toxic Behavior.
  7. Meeting People who truthfully want a Positive Community. Also I've made friends here that I wouldn't have met.
  8. Thank you Whitename, Now I can finally spawn with the right player model its a pain in the A*$ when I'd die and spawn with the wrong model.
  9. Honestly I'd say No. People are already pissed enough about losing everything they found, killed, or robbed off of someone else. If they can't have a base, imagine how Pissed off they'll be when their base get broken into and their Juicy Loot gets stolen. I only see bases as a flaw for people to run and Hide in and use for their hording addiction instead of IRL.
  10. Everything you said is pretty accurate.
  11. That Genuinely Sounds Pretty Cool
  12. Hello Raven, Nice to meet you Welcome to the Community!
  13. Hello George, Nice to meet you Welcome to the Community! Good luck on your whitelist process.
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