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  1. When Kai was 15 his parents were killed when trying to survive and keep their son alive and Kai was left with a group of survivors which helped him and his family stay alive prior to their death. This group of survivors arrived at Nyheim later on in Kai's life and they would roam around helping people and trading. They would do this until one of group leaders was attacked and beaten to death. From that point on his group would no longer trust "outsiders" and would steal and even kill if people wronged them. This lead kai to leave this group as he wanted no part in their ruthless acts and proceeded to go on his own. Awhile after leaving the group Kai met a woman called Karen who would leave him food at his camp and was the only person that was nice to him. Kai never really talked to her as he was always busy trying to learn new things but whenever he did talk to her it was something special. A good while after Kai met Karen he would stop receiving food and would no longer see her anywhere. This lead him to begin looking for her which didn't last long because he would find her camp in ruins and her body left there by bandits after stealing everything she had making Kai never want to trust and like anyone again. After the death of this woman Kai would scavenge and watch the other groups around Nyheim as he lost trust in everything after his old group changed and Karen died. During this time he learnt many things about survival from watching people and trial and error. He would not usually ask people for help as he felt like it was not needed. He would end up always getting into bother for not knowing the rules of the land and getting into places he shouldn't, this lead to him needing to talk his way out of trouble on multiple occasions and he decided to go by the name "Davo" and wear a mask to hide his identity. Eventually Kai realised that he would need to start trusting people so he began trading with other survivors and making "friends" that would not last long before leaving to the next town. He would do this until a group of strange people from all different places wanted to trade with him where they would claim he "scammed" them and began beating and stealing from him. Then the group took him and forced him to do work for him which would be scavenging and trading for them. Kai would also have to bait people into staying in certain areas where this gang would rob random people as they pleased. He hated his time in this gang and attempted to escape but they always caught and stopped him. Eventually Kai paid his "debt" to this gang and they made him leave as they had no use for him anymore. After getting away from the gang he would run away to a different town and start all over again.
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