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  1. Scottie

    Ban Appeal

    Truth is I was just being an idiot and immature. I was trying to fit in with a new group of dudes who had bad opinions about the group who the ‘evidence’ accused. It’s cognitive dissonance at its finest - I changed my words and thoughts to fit my actions and in the process made a blatant and stupid lie in an attempt to gain popularity within the clique. I don’t know what else to say other than my brain would make a really good pyschology project and that at times I can act retarded. But I see now my mistakes, and am willing to do whatever it takes to atone for them
  2. Scottie

    Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I didn't know I had to send in "evidence" that was not in a report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was told to send in video evidence about a video I lied about having, after this I decided to take a break from the community due to the fact that I was waiting for .63 to come on the server just like everyone else. So as I came back I was told to send in evidence that I lied about having a video of someone breaking the rules. I never thought i'd have to post it in order to "prove something" as there was never a report about it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned or ban shortened to a reasonable amount of time. What could you have done better?: I shouldn't of lied about having evidence of something that I infact never had, then claim to of deleted it to cover myself up.
  3. Scottie

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    I agree to close down the report, if that helps any aswell
  4. Scottie

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    " This whole clusterfuck was started, and continued by the same friendship group, we got caught up in the middle of it and I had very valid reasoning to believe they were just killing whoever they felt like as the danger level on my head was visibly very high.  " Yet you still killed G19, who you didn't have any initiation rights on nor kill rights, then you killed Boris who you also didn't have kill rights on. So I guess even though you killed 2 people invalidly, and I quote "If i get hit with firefight KoS because of a situation your guys caused so be it. You all caused this. " Own up to your actions, like the rest of us
  5. Scottie

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    I heard about some sort of initiation so I ran up from vybor industrial after bandaging Joffery and attempted to help Sylva, I found Exotic who killed Sylva and attempted to kill Exotic but failed and just hit him once. I forgot about the rules of no dynamic groups (which is dumb) so I thought I had kill rights due to the initiation. I admit I killed him and didn't realize I didn't have kill rights at the time
  6. Scottie

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Where's the video because i'd like to see it? I'd also like to point out that this video is very obviously edited at time stamp 1:05 to 1:07 it cuts and changes to a different scene at a different time, it does not show them locking the door. However I believe the entire video has been edited and cut at the end, as when he puts the magnum away he tells his friend to open the door which it is locked and then he throws the flashbang in and they run off. as said in the Report posting rules by Roland " Videos are required to be unedited." , I mentioned in my POV that I was locked in a shed and a flashbang was thrown in, however if I could point out there is no way I would know he had a flashbang if he didn't throw it into the shed, if you look at the video at timestamp 1:15 you can see inside his Olive M65 that there is the flashbang that he threw inside the shed. I also want to point out that there is no fire nor food anywhere seen in the video that you are providing to me
  7. Scottie

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    I'd like to continue and say 1st off, you didn't leave me with any food nor a fireplace. 2nd off you're friend @Edgar had to shoot open the shed door because it was locked in the first place when you two came back. He then pulled out a flashbang and attempted to throw it into the shed and break my legs. He failed to do so as the flashbang hit the door and got stuck outside. If you two wouldn't of thrown the flashbang and left me cuffed inside the shed I wouldn't of came after you two to kill you. That is the only reason why, because you attempted to break my legs with the flashbang or atleast torture me in someway with it Making a quick edit here, as I didn't realize it was you two until when me and the other man started walking away and @Edgar said "Stay quiet, don't make him recognize us" which was an obvious tell sign that I heard that it was you two, and was told that he often hangs around the vybor industrial camp and that he had robbed people there yesterday. Plus with the AKM with the Kashkan Scope on the back which is what I remember seeing, you still wearing the firefighter pants which I don't believe was a coincidence and the general attitude of attempting to get away from me or not talk to me made me realize it was you two
  8. Scottie

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Server and location: S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16:30 Your in game name: Guillremo Alema Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Edgar Basayev @Edgar Dimitri Smukvec @Grayfox Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had logged into the server after reinstalling the game and fixing the glitch where whenever I log out I respawn. I decided to head to Vybor where I went to the industrial camp and met 2 random men who just said Hi and were leaving. Edgar had came up and cursed them out and threatened the 2 men before they then left. @Edgar came up to me and asked my name in which I told him and he said "You have a fucking stupid voice" in which I responded "Uhhh, thanks I guess?" in which he then left. I continued about my day going around and looking for a backpack and whatever when I went to Vybor Military and found the 2 random men who were at the industrial and they gave me a backpack in which I had thanked them for it. I then headed to NWAF and started looking around the tents for any ammo that could be used for my SKS in which I didn't find any. I continued on a bit and ran into @Edgar and @Grayfox they had asked what my name was again and I told them, I then said that I had met @Edgar back in vybor but never got his name. At this time @Edgar asked me to drop my plate carrier in which I responded "I'm sorry I can't I just found this back in the tents, i'll help you look for one if you want" and at that time @Grayfox initiated on me and told me and i quote "Put my hands up and drop everything" In which I complied due to not wanting to lose my characters life. I dropped my plate carrier, and my shirt then I was cuffed. They provided no RP during that time and didn't even talk to me, they just went through my gear and asked if I was alone in which I responded "Yes" they continued going through my stuff before finally telling me to stand up, which I did and told me to go in the shed. At this time I was still shirtless inside the shed with my jeans and boots. They told me to not come out and I said I couldn't anyway and they acted like they were going to leave, but they came back for some reason and told me to open the door of the shed in which I told them "I can't because i'm still in handcuffs". After this they shot the door open because they had locked both doors leaving me with no way to leave the shed. Once the door was open @Edgar threw a flashbang in, closed the door and they both ran off. I eventually broke out of my cuffs and got a screenshot of my inventory in which you can see I was left with no food or water besides a single apple. After this I met up with two men at NWAF who said they knew the men and offered to help me hunt them down however they left after a few minutes. I made my way back down to vybor industrial as the men had told me they like to frequent the area. Once I arrived I spotted @Edgar and @Grayfox in which they instantly knew my name and said it was me and that they knew me and I knew who they were aswell. I waited for them to move inside of one of the warehouses before I opened fired on the two and running around as zombied swarmed me. I was then found by @Grayfox and gunned down.
  9. Guillermo grew up in a poor barrio of Managua, Nicaragua. His mother sold fruits that she stole from the market while his father worked in a local factory producing sheet metal. His father was a hardcore supporter of the FSLN, a socalistic communist party in Nicaragua that was slowly rising to power. In early 1977 his father joined the FSLN as a activist for them and spoke publicly to other workers at the sheet metal factory about the possibilty of uprising, and getting a better life for them all. In mid April 1979 the FSLN executed their revoulation agaisnt the Nicaraguian dictatorship. His father was on the front lines of the fighting in the capital. After they seized control of the Capital and gained control of the government all went well for Guillermo's family, they finally moved out of the slums and into a decent neighborhood. His mother now worked as a Government secretary and his father apart of the army. In 1982 a state of emergency was declared due to a attempted uprising by the Contras, Guillermo became a millitia fighter with the Sandinista's like his father had been before. After the uprising had happened and the Sandinista's were out of power his family realligned themselves with the new Contra's government despite disapproval from Guillermo. When the FSLN seized power once again in late 2006 Guillermo's family was exiled due to them turning on the Sandinista government. Guillermo tried to contest due to his beliefs and his willingness to die for the FSLN, but despite all that he was still exiled. He eventually found asylum in Chernarus with other like minded fighters. He joined the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star during their attempted revolution in late 2008. After the crushing of the revolution Guillermo went into hiding in the woods in attempt to prevent himself from being arrested and tried for war crimes he commited during the revolution. He had no reason to leave the small village of Khelm until the outbreak started.
  10. Scottie

    Dear, Santiago Pavia

    *Santiago would be on a roll replying to the people who believe they can find him, he pushes down the PTT to respond again* "Your threats are empty. I'm not scared of any of the people in the Mountain Men as I was the only one capable and willing to kill people and actually enforce shit." *He'd laugh again* "That retard Joakim made a better threat then you did. Fucking brat, come after me I dare you" *He'd let go of the PTT and continued watching the trees around him*
  11. Scottie

    To all allied with Riptide, and to Santiago

    *His Brazilian accent would spark up through the radio, a hard cough would be heard and some loud laughing* "Very funny that you threaten to come after me Joakim, Last time I saw you were too afraid to do anything, took a little girl at gunpoint, then you made a dumb move and I shot you a few times through the wooden shed" *He'd laugh again thinking back on the situation* "This'll be fun, best of luck finding me. May the hunt begin, and may only one come out alive." *Releasing the PTT he rested back in the woods holding his M4 ready for whatever was to hunt him*
  12. Scottie

    Broadcast to Destiny

    Santiago would sit in town trying to get the really annoying couple next to him to shut up before broadcasting his message. He'd lower his voice and begin transmitting hoping she'd hear "Destiny, this is Mr. Black, I need that thing you took from Ace back. It's very important to her and to me, and I've been paid to collect. I expect it to be returned to me in 24 hours in the same condition you took it in. Or else I will be collecting the value of it in blood, screams, and pain." In the background you can hear him clear his throat and scream in-coherently in portuguese at someone. "Time starts now Destiny, sleep well." The radio cuts off and goes silent
  13. Scottie

    Opinion about new Marine Corps changes

    So recently, the Marine Corps has put out a video on their youtube channel going into detail, and explaining how they are going to "Modernize the Marine Rifle Sqaud." Starting in the year 2020 all Marine Rifle Squads will be outfitted to look like this, and act like this. I'd be interested to hear some peoples opinions about it
  14. Scottie

    Bila Ruka PD

    GG on Approval bois
  15. Scottie

    Bila Ruka PD

    Hyped up bois
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