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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/5151-sc0ttie/warnings/5644/ Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair as it was a 30 point ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd like to appeal my final as I believe i've been active for the 3 months required. There are a few reasons as to why I believe I should have my final warning revoked and back down to 0 points. 1) I'd like to direct staff towards the group that I was leading, I believe that through my leadership, and the roleplay provided through the
  2. So basically, after the march event I heard there was an initiation at GM. I ran up there and began the firefight. I stayed on the outside of the walls and just kinda fought through the crashes. Didn't shoot anyone, didn't attack anyone during the main fight. Eventually it got down to there just being 2 in the tower. TurkRP and RP. I sat outside, endouring through crashed as I collected the gear and uniforms of my men and began to run them back to Zelenogorsk and drop them off. Eventually I came back and there was a surrender from RP which I orchestrated, stating I would take him into custody.
  3. Sc0ttie


    Time to move onto greener pastures boys, Slava Chernarus. /archive
  4. Could you please provide me with any evidence you may have about the situation? I believe @RonnieLR and @UniiLR and the rest of County Lines can attest to us not doing that as a matter of fact. We actually offered to provide protection to your bar. If you have any further concerns about our group, these laws, or what actually happened you can feel free to DM myself or any other leader of Ocelari or County Lines
  5. Hello roleplayer cjackson821 and fellow council member. I have to stop you there as it seems you took my post out of context. If you would've read the message that went along with the laws you would know that they are not being enforced at the event.
  6. A Chernarussian mans voice comes over the radio. "Attention all citizens and Chernarussians of South Zagoria. The Chernarussian Republic has returned and will be setting up it's capital within Zelenogorsk. All Chernarussians and citizens are encourages to make their way here and move into the city beginning today, so that they may be under our protection. If you will be doing this, please contact me over my private frequency to let me know so you may be accomodated for what building you desire." "Slava Chernarus." A extremely large group of men all shout at once into the radio b
  7. Sc0ttie


    Welcome @Murdercool @Nonplayer
  8. Sc0ttie


    Welcome @Taffinator
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    o7, sad to see you go. Thank you for everything you did and contributed @Echo
  10. Zbysek Brotz was born in Novigrad, South Zagoria near the end of the Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic. His father was a prominant party member, and Appellate judge for Novigrad. Soon after the fall of the USSR, he changed his alligence towards the Nationalists Party. Due to this he was allowed to keep his position and the same pay. Zbysek grew up with comfortablly, living in fairly high class the majority of his life. He even went to school in Novigrad and managed to get into one of the best Law programs in Chernarus. He finished his degree in law, and almost instantly was appointed to
  11. This right here. Just because we have a new map, doesn't mean the RP will change. It will still be Generic Western military01 or Generic Military hunting trip 01 or Generic hunting trip 01. Do I make my point? The map change will be enjoyed on the eyes for the first week or two, then once people realize the RP is the exact same, they most likely will stop coming around and want Chernarus back, or complain about the same things they complained about on Chernarus. Just to add onto my point, we've had 3 lore wipes on standalone that i've been around for and played it. Not once has the rolepl
  12. *The Chernarussian man would chime in again* "Nothing you could do with it could be good. Please, tell why you need it so much and prove me wrong. I think it's better to just destroy it so it doesn't fall in the wrong hands."
  13. *A Chernarusssian man speaks.* "Man with F-13 canister, I suggest you don't give it to the Russian lady who is a drug dealer. I suggest you throw it in the ocean and destroy it."
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