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  1. Welcome @YakNiller
  2. Welcome to the group @Murdoc
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/5151-sc0ttie/warnings/5644/ Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair as it was a 30 point ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd like to appeal my final as I believe i've been active for the 3 months required. There are a few reasons as to why I believe I should have my final warning revoked and back down to 0 points. 1) I'd like to direct staff towards the current group that i'm leading, I believe that through my leadership, and the roleplay provided through the group has shown that i'm a productive and a good member to the community ICly. Currently the objectives of the group are to return a nationalists experience to the server which I believe is lacking. If staff look on the group page, we haven't had any negative feedback yet, and I personally was called out by @Stagsview for my roleplay during his stream, and the activities my boys did during his stream and the roleplay we provided. I've been striving to show the community how to lead a successful, and respectful group that provides for the server IC and OOC. 2) Staff can look at my record on my warning and see that before I was perma banned, I was never found guilty in any report and I had been a productive community member. The only ban that I have on my record was my perma ban, with a instant 30 points for lying in an appeal back in November of 2018. I feel as though that punishment for that crime is unjust as according to the Standard Report Punishment Guide it should've been 7 day ban and 15 warning points, however I accept that staff decided to use their executive powers. 3) My activity has approved to show a level of someone who is a productive community member. I get on every other day, and when i'm online it's usually for several hours at a time, interacting with others, providing roleplay, and driving the stories of others through hostilities. On the forums i've contributed to several suggestions to the server and put my input on how the server could improve, as I wish to somehow make the server better then it was previously however that could be achieved. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Final Warning removed What could you have done better?: Not lie in an appeal.
  4. Some of the best times i've had on this server, were with my group in our group approved team speak channel just chatting shit, doing firefight comms, or just running and doing RP. I can get behind this. Also donator channels were always a vibe.
  5. Welcome to the group @groovy dingo & @PATRIOT
  6. POV: You are a Russian captured by Oceláři ft. @Stagsview
  7. @Stagsview Amazing roleplay from you with the 3 of your characters I encountered. I loved every second of it, thank you for doing what you did for us and being amazing at it. @Brayces Shame I didn't get to talk to you more, though i'm glad you enjoyed the little funeral me and my boys did. Thanks for the RP along with your travel mates, I don't recall any of their names. @Ocelari Good RP today boys, i'm happy and honored to have all of you be apart of the group.
  8. Just a heads up, we're still recruiting and are willing to teach people who're interested in playing Chernarussian nationals.
  9. I have high hopes for this group. It brings another Chernarussian aspect to the server which is needed, it's a unique idea making use of a new and unique system developed by the group leader. Best of luck, I really hope and want this group to succeed. Can't wait to meet y'all in game with Ocelari.
  10. Welcome fellow Chernarussian [email protected] @Pepsi @SynO Glad you joined us in this fight.
  11. Pretty simple reasoning on my part. People who break rules, usually don't get banned for what they do because of video evidence showing the reporting party breaking rules, and the effort it takes the report with the consequences. Personally its either that, or because I couldn't care enough about the rule break, even if someone KOSed me I wouldn't care that much it's a whatever mentality and it takes more effort to report then not. If someone I know broke a rule, i'd DM them and let them know if it was an issue to me but beyond that I wouldn't report. There's no reason to get people banned and get people points as in my opinion it doesn't help anything. I would never wish someone banned from the community who provides roleplay just because they executed me invalidly or invalidly kill me or provide some BadRP at a point or don't value their life.
  12. Welcome @groovy ducky and @groovy blisna to the group. Recruitment is still open.
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