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  1. Entry 4: Fuck Goats No honestly. Fuck goats. They're organs don't make a durable canteen/satchel thing, they don't want to give me any of their goddamned milk, they are hard to gut in the cold, and they kick like a mother fucker. I think I broke a rib the last time. Aw well. It seems my plan to destabilize the Chernarussian cheese market has failed for now. But I will come up with another plan dammit. I will. So, seeing as I'm back to the cereal plan, I found a box. No milk though, so I'll let this one sit in my pack for a while. See if flies come out so I know if there's eggs or maggots in there. I HATE maggots. And flies. And raisins (thats how it's spelled?). But mostly maggots. Fuck maggots. I'll tell you the raisin story some other day. For now, I'm gonna need to learn to skin a goat or something. This is your doctor, signing out. (Sorry for the delay, I've been having some weird internet problems.)
  2. Kinda like doing laundry. Why should I make the effort when I can do something more productive, like procrastinate? Anyway, welcome to the server.
  3. I just reinstalled BattlEye, still nothing.
  4. Not those specific files, but when I try it through DayZ Commander, it says the server doesn't accept a whole bunch of .pbo files.
  5. I've tried running everything as Admin, still no luck.
  6. Sort of? After Running Arma II:OA in administrator mode, I can now get into the server without it kicking me. It just never loads now. I'm using the DayZRP launcher, by the way. I have DayZ Commander installed though.
  7. Well, I tried this, but then Steam "re-acquired" the files, and now when I try to join the server, it says, "Bad serial number given in Setup".
  8. To the first question, no. I just get the message, and when I click "ok", I get kicked to the menu screen, with Multiplayer and whatnot on it. To the second one, also no. The same error doesn't occur, but instead it says I cannot join due to having several files I'm not allowed to have.
  9. Every time I try to join the standard RP server, I get this message. I've tried almost every solution I can think of and almost everything I could find from similar posts already here, including re-installing both the mod, and Arma 2. I'm at my wits end here. Any ideas?
  10. Not to nag or anything, but that example would need to end in a question mark. Anyway, still loving this.
  11. This was very good. It's nice to see you're writing more.
  12. Entry 3: Better Ideas To Make Deliciousness Alright then. Regarding the attempts to get a good god damned bowl of cereal here, it seems to be difficult. Most the cereal boxes I find are empty, and the other ones have insect eggs in them. A guy named Mace said he'd keep an eye out for them, but so far, no such luck. He did teach me how to fish though, so a pretty good trade off. So, I was at that TOR base thingy when some people said they were going to go look for car parts. So I came with them. We screwed around until we got to the north west airfield, where I wandered into the woods to take a piss, got hit with a widowmaker, and woke up in the middle of the day with no one there. But then, inspiration struck! The first thing I saw was a cow and a goat just chilling there. And then I realized, why try to get cereal, only for myself, when I can go make cheese, and make so much money. I'd be the only person with cheese in Cherarus. I would be running a highly profitable monopoly that all other traders would need to go to, provided no one else figures this out. Then again, with the disturbing lack of alcohol here, I don't think anyone's noticed. I remember that goat cheese makes feta cheese, and that goat intestines have bacteria that eat the milk part of milk, leaving only the curds. So, new plan! 1. Make some sort of canteen out of goat organs and skin. 2. Get some milk, from anything really. Heat it up. 3. Put the milk into the canteen, and walk around with it. The movement should do the rest. 4. Sell that shit. Make hella cash. Now of course, I need to find someone to teach me how to skin an animal. Normally I only care about the meat, so I end up ripping the skin to shreds. And I'll need to get a new map, cause I gave that one to some guy who was lost in the woods or something. On the bright side, I got a baseball bat out of the whole thing. From what I've learned from zombie movies, that's the equivalent of a god damned lightsaber. And I found some nails and barbed wire, which made me think I should totally trick out my bat. God damnnit, I just used "totally" in my journal. WELL, I GUESS I'M DONE FOR THE DAY. Good night.
  13. Gullio1

    Open Frequencies of the wastelands. "With Text code"

    Using the power of Google Translate and some bad Spanish lessons.... " For those living in Chernarus, we are the rulers of the HISPANIC FUGIADO searching for a particular front. Is a dangerous man and not who he says. To all the traitors. SIG: PNF " Like I said, really bad translation.
  14. *Andrew picks up a piece of scrap paper he finds on a desk. He reads, "I hate this fucking stained paper. Ha. So do I man, so do I." He tosses it over his shoulder and continues on, letting it float back to the floor.
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