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  1. Stradic

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    I like how the video doesn't show more then 1 zombie at a time and makes it appear that vehicles are working when in reality...
  2. Flyboy

    • Flyboy
    • Stradic

    Hello? Is this a dropkick bear? This is a voice from the past.. 

    1. Stradic


      Mate, do you know how many crashed helicopters I've searched looking for you?



      How've you been though mate? Long time no see.

    2. Flyboy


      RUDE! Didn't even wait for me! I've been looking in getting back into DayZRP.. is it any good? 

    3. Stradic


      The RP has been okay so far, but Rolle mentioned doing a lore wipe this January so unsure if you want to come back now or wait until then. Some of the other Roamers are still around @FreyZ @Connvexus @Herico I'll pop you a message with the teamspeak we use.

    4. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      Oi cunt you forgot about me. 

    5. Stradic


      Who even are you?

  3. Stradic


    I love this game. 


    1. GenericName



    2. Brayces



    3. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      Glad to this game no longer has any bugs. 

      Glad to see* 



  4. Stradic

    Extreme lag?

    I noticed with the most recent event just how laggy it got compared to the hoard event before that which ran much more smoothly. I'm not sure if it's just the DayZ devs doing what they do best or something has been tweaked on the server which shouldn't have. Has anyone noticed this issue on other servers?
  5. Stradic


    All of our current work after looking at the forums. 


    @Herico @Connvexus @Alex

    1. Herico


      SEE YOU IN 5 WEEKS :))))

    2. Connvexus


      I never wanted to use all the graphics I spent hours working on anyway.

    3. JimRP


      Patience. You're not the only one.

    4. Stagsview


      I really hope it doesn't turn into a character wipe also. So many people put so much work in creating really good groups the last month.

  6. Stradic

    Shooting With Right-Click

    I had the same issue. I closed down the game completely and validated the files just to be on the safe side which solved it for me.
  7. Stradic

    Reintroducing the double mic rule

    Voted yes simply because it forced people to focus more on RP rather than OOC comms.
  8. Stradic

    Discussion Zone (Settlements)

    Not sure if this is the place to post it, but this neat little tool looks like it could help with settlements/map changes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565871491 @ShaneKOS @Aeryes @Kerkkoh
  9. Stradic

    Spawning with a Flashlight

    Voted yes. While I love gamma goggles don't appear to be a thing atm, I would like to spawn in and not have my face pressed against the screen to see where I am going.
  10. Stradic


    So stable became the new stress test server. Good to know.
  11. Stradic

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    I don't know if it will ever be the same as a certain modded server, but the way it worked there was that if you wanted to break down a wall you would have to use a chainsaw which would also damage it. This allowed players to break in but not completely demolish the base.
  12. Stradic

    Change Radio Chatter Rule 2 - Regarding Message Encryption and "Translation" Metagaming.

    If it adds to the RP experience of others then I don't see the harm in it.
  13. Stradic

    The Community's View on Hardcore-Style Survival

    What you have described is the type of experience I have always wanted with DayZ so this is a big +1 from me, but should this ever go ahead I think this should only be done when the devs release the proper modding tools to do so.
  14. Stradic

    New Features/changes you'd like to see in the mod

    Things I would like to see added in feature wise: 1- DayZRP server: In mod when you were on the server you would get the DayZRP logo in the bottom left. Like so: 2- Group Emblems: Another feature from mod was having the group logo appear on armbands and on vehicles. It would be a nice feature as well that when base building comes in if groups had the choice of putting the group emblem on a flag or spray paint it on the entrance. 3- Player Position Logs: This is more so a tool for staff to use, but player positioning logs being recorded so if someone was unable to identify someone for a potential rule-break staff can then see all the players located around that time/location. 4- Base Building logs: Similar to the suggestion above, but when base building comes in all items built/damaged by players are logged. This would more or less be used to help staff in tracking down players who may just be trolling by building/destroying bases around the map. 5- New Spawn Consequence: This goes off an idea Rolle had a while back with character damage appearing on the character pages. If a player dies then when they re spawn for a set amount of in game time have reduced stamina or be stuck in the limping animation, this is to hopefully make players value their lives more by adding in a consequence should they die. 6- Radio Frequency: Rather then simply scrolling through radio frequencies have players manually input the radio frequency they wish to use. This would hopefully cut off people from using third party software to talk over the radio and gradually push for all IC information to be passed in game. 7- Voip Distance: Have the ability to tap and change the distance your voice is heard: -Soft- Very close proximity almost like whispering. -Normal- Just normal proximity used in DayZ. -Loud- Far proximity for shouting things out. -Megaphones- Increase the range. 8- Player Spawn Locations: I think player spawns should be positioned around smaller towns along the coastline. 9- Decrease canned food Seeing how DayZ is meant to be a survival apocalyptic setting I feel that canned goods should be reduced and mostly only found around new spawn areas. I feel players should be using other game mechanics such as fishing, farming and hunting (increase of animal spawns) as their main source of food gathering. 10- Water Pumps It would be interesting if a water pump only had a set amount of water before running dry. The pump would be usable again after some time, but players would have to use rivers/rainwater as a source of water and use purification tablets to avoid the chance of getting sick. 11- Zombie spawns/hoards I feel zombie spawns should be readjusted so smaller towns (player spawns) only have a small handful while the larger cities/ military complexes should have a higher concentration of them. It would also be a nice feature to have large zombie hoards randomly spawn around the map.
  15. Stradic

    Lore wipe?

    Rolle posted this a few months back. I don't know if this is still something that is scheduled to go ahead or not.