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  1. I voted no on this as I am simply not a fan of putting a timeframe on when someone can raid a base.
  2. Thanks to those at GM for the RP and dealing with that horde as well as those who gave me a car ride to Berezino, I quite enjoyed the RP you gave along the way.
  3. I cut back how much I play on DayZRP not because of the community, but the game itself. This game is closing in on 8 years of development and we don't even have proper working cars, the A2 mod seemed to provide more gameplay/feature wise. I honestly don't know how it is legal for this to be sold as a full release game when it's missing features showcased years back and riddled with bugs.
  4. Let us hope the devs can actually deliver.


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  5. I'm kinda 50/50 on this. On one hand I wasn't a huge fan of the epoch style bases I saw on Livonia, but on the other hand I enjoy base building for the mere fact that it makes finding people's massive loot stashes easier to find and provides me with an ic objective of gathering the necessary people/supplies to break in. Suggestions - 1- increase the amount of nails necessary to build a wall. 2- decrease the spawn rate of boxed nails. 3- implement a rule walls can only be used to patch holes in fences.
  6. @Corks @FreyZ @McLeranth plus the others travelling with you (Don't know the others forums name sorry). I enjoyed the RP you lot all gave tonight and look forward to running into you lot again further down the line.
  7. Guess I better start uploading these photos.
  8. Thanks for the RP to the group that stuck around Zelen tonight.
  9. @rokvam surprised to find you in the middle of nowhere, but am glad that I did. I enjoyed the RP you gave and hope we meet again down the line.
  10. @TheLamp1 Thanks for the RP tonight, it was good fun.
  11. The only mod I voted yes to was the perishable food as I agree with the points you made. The other mods I voted no on as two of the mods have not been updated since 2019 so have probably been abandoned by the author and wouldn't function properly with the latest DayZ build.
  12. I personally would love to see horses in DayZ, but until the devs give the modding community the proper tools to make this happen I am going to have to vote no.
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