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  1. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    You certainly made an impact on the server and have made the first few weeks of the new lore interesting. I look forward to see what you have in store next.
  2. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    Don't apologise. I think it looks better.
  3. Drop Bear Media

    @Alex Lesson learnt DayZ Logic @Ranger163 @Herico
  4. Cheers to the group Southern Moana and all those at Kevar's market today. Interesting stories that seem to be unfolding.
  5. Drop Bear Media

    I'm not sure about that mate. I mean, you are still a radio warrior Cheers mate. Appreciate it #MakeDayZRPGreatAgain! @Herico @Alex Good day with the group of the Southern Moana.
  6. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @Herico When a fresh spawn tries to hold you up.
  7. Thanks to the crew of the Southern Moana, Kaiden at Kevar's market and everyone else I came across today. Was definitely an interesting day with the various amounts of different people I came across.
  8. Drop Bear Media

    DayZRP Mod Series DayZRP Mod Highlights Pre- Lore Wipe Screenshots Pre- Lore Videos Pre- Lore Events Northern Alliance Series New Lore - Pictures New Lore Videos
  9. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @Alex @Herico @Ranger163 @Lexii
  10. Stradic

    So this just poped up on my Facebook.


    Not sure if its telling me that I have a problem or that I should drink more. 

  11. Feedback box?

    Didn't even notice character page's had a star rating system till I saw this thread. If they don't serve a purpose then I reckon we just scrap it.
  12. Post pictures of your pet

    My two boys. Bobbie Coddie
  13. Character yells on login with no bone damage

    A quick bullet to the head should suffice I will Google it when I get home from work to see if someone has found a solution but as far as I am aware though you have too simply die.
  14. Character yells on login with no bone damage

    Pretty sure its spinal damage. If you have a character who constantly takes damage, even though you heal yourself the characters health still declines in the background which leads to 'dying with one schwack from a zombie'.