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  1. Stradic

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    Take your pick.
  2. Stradic

    Constant base raiding when offLine. What can we do?

    The only advice I can give is to not put all your supplies in the one place, especially in bases as bases are nothing but an indicator of free loot for the taking. Create multiple stash points with all your valuables spread out across all of them so in case one stash gets found you won't lose all your valuables in one hit.
  3. Stradic




  4. Stradic

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Cheers to @Realize for the RP and the hat. I definitely plan on speaking with Pops about that idea.
  5. Stradic

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good first day back into RP. Thanks @Aiko & @DrMax.
  6. Doom

    • Doom
    • Stradic


  7. Stradic

    Looking Forward To For The Year?

    I'm just looking forward to see Halo: The Master Chief Collection come to PC.
  8. Stradic


    It took me 5 years to finish this...


    Shitty joke aside, I simply wanted to thank everyone for sticking by this game/community over the years and actually making DayZ fun to play. The RP stories I have been involved in and friends I have made over the years has always been what brings me back here and what drives me to jump back in game to see what will come about next, so here's to another 5 years of DayZRP. 🍻



    1. FalkRP



    2. Voodoo


      im coming up to 6 years.. its gone too fast

    3. Samaritan



    4. OldSchool



    5. Mr Shank

      Mr Shank

      Fucking Nerd

  9. Stradic

    Tag the Member in the Scene

    Whenever I saw these two characters on screen all it reminded me of was @The Marshal & @Chief.
  10. Stradic

    Drop Bear Media

    Pops encounters his greatest foe yet... @Connvexus
  11. Stradic

    Im back ...For good? We shall see

    The arms dealer of Chernarus returns. Welcome back mate.
  12. Stradic

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Gen_Dan was good rolling around with you today until I came back to see your corpse just laying on the ground. @dags I quite enjoyed your character, definitely one for laughs. I honestly couldn't tell if you being high though was an act or legit. James, I enjoyed our little trip to Pustoshka and hope we run into each other again.
  13. Stradic

    Group requirements revised

    The OOC leader doesn't really bother me, but forcing them to be the IC leader I don't really get. Can I ask what happens to a group then if the leader is perm'd either by choice or is hit with a NVFL?
  14. Stradic

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Won't happen but, I want this little badass to get the throne.
  15. Stradic

    Drop Bear Media

    We just sat back cause we knew you could handle it.
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