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  1. Marco was born in Vienna, Austria. In his early days, his mother deported Marco into an orphanage, which led to Marco never knowing who his parents were. He got molested and beaten up at the orphanage and was really unhappy there. When he was 6 years old, Marco was adopted by a seemingly nice family, but due to his beatings and molestings in the orphanage, he could never put trust into his new family. Since he was a little boy, Marco always played in the woods, parks or other outdoor lost places. He was pretty rebellic since his early days, always gave a shit about what others held off him or told him to do. Even in school, Marco didn´t do what his teachers told him to do. When he was 14 years old, he broke into the school and stole a very valuable Trophy. Unfortunately, the school got survaliance cameras, which led to Marcos school suspension. He never visited a school again. His family was really upset with the events at school and a big dispute occured. At that night, Marco packed his stuff and ran away. After a few weeks on the streets of Vienna, Marco ran out of money and supplies like food and drinks. He searched the local "Gruft" , which is an homeless shelter in Vienna. There he got new clothes, food and other things. He got to knew a new group of people, who call themselves "Preppers". The core-thinking is to be prepared, in case of an appocalypse. Marco was very interested in this thinking and got a member of the group. To survive ,they had to steal and betray others. That´s when Marco attended in a local trading card area to steal those cards and goods off other people. For many years, this went very well for him and his group . They made a very good living out of it. When Marco was 21, he got to know Maurice. Maurice was born in Chernarus and left with his mother when he was 4 years old. His father got murdered and probably executed by a local chernarussan, since Maurice´s father was member of the "Chernarus Liberation Front". His mothers believes were, that after her husbands death, Chernarus was too dangerous for them. Maurice was also into that trading cards stuff . They hang out together, traded cards, stole goods and became friends. Maurice once introduced Marco to one of his friends, Dorian. Dorian and Marco became friends very soon, since they got a similar way of thinking things through. Soon they were called "Trio Infernale". They hang out really often. One night, it was late in 2019, Marco visited Maurice and brought Dorian with him. They just watched TV and smoked some weed when suddenly a big news flash occured on TV: Chernarus was now fully annexed by Russia! Maurice got really upset. He told Dorian and Maurice about his past in details and told them about his father, who fought for the sovereignty of their fatherland. He said, that this kinda must be stopped, otherwise he must insist and go to Chernarus by himself. Dorian and Marco began to lough, since Maurice didn´t know how to shoot a gun or even survive one day there, because he didn´t know anybody down there. "If they can need me to become souvereign one day, i´d go down there and fight !", he said. Marco and Dodo said: " Well of course you´d do that!", and loughed again. Maurice was pissed, but Dorian and Marco didn´t recognize and the evening went on. Things went really well and pretty normal for them until one day, Dorian recieved a call off Maurice´s mother. She told Dorian, that Maurice was missing and all she knows is that he sayed something about Chernarus. At first, Marco and Dodo were pretty shocked. They tried to call Maurice and messaged him numerous times, but they never got a reply back. Since Marco and Dorian knew some sketchy and underground guys, it was just a matter of time for them to find someone, who could fly them over to Chernarus. They packed their stuff and attended the private plane in late 2019. Their pilot flew under the radar on low altitude, so nobody would notice, that they were coming. Now their goal was to search for Maurcie and to reunite the "Trio Infernale" to find out whats going on ...
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