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  1. With a new rig and word of a better DayZ on the horizon, thought I'd hang around here again. Been a long time.
  2. Alex's dad is English, and his Mother is American. Alex himself was raised in-between both countries but his accent takes more after his father. He studied Medicine at the University of Lancaster and whilst there he joined the Officer Training Corps. In between his studies and partying it meant that he spent weekends and weeknights training both physically and mentally in basic Army curriculum, giving him experience in survival, shooting, leadership and problem solving. Shooting was obviously limited to British weapons but in private he played Airsoft and visited shooting ranges giving him a slight grasp over some popular weaponry. He may not have been the best shot around but he was competent enough to get by. Alex initially intended to attend Sandhurst and gain an officership but university life and the strain of his studies got the better of him, forcing him to quit OTC. He finished university amply, with a 2-1 honours, and attempted to gain an internship in whichever hospital he could - in the back of his mind the option of joining the army was always there as a back-up plan, however. Unfortunately, the job market was already saturated as the country was going through a depression, thus to avoid being at his parent’s house for too long, Alex decided to travel and do oddjobs to pay for his expenses. Travelling the world, going from country to country, continent to continent, Alex realised that not only did he love to see the world and the people that populated it, he found his true calling in helping people. Although he only had an approximate knowledge in Medicine he knew enough to help people if they were ill in some way - aside from that there were many times where people just needed general help to fix their roof, tend their crops or help run their businesses. Alex loved almost every minute of it. Except for when he got trapped in Chernaurus. He’d been backpacking through Eastern Europe, alone, when the disaster hit. When the quarantine was issued, Alex didn’t know what to do, and felt even more lost because he couldn’t speak the local language. Allying himself to anyone who could speak English and was trustworthy, Alex has survived thus far by being exceptionally cautious and by using his limited medical skills to help others in return for his safety.
  3. Smith

    Krizek Media Thread

    campfire rp best rp amirite
  4. Smith

    Krizek [Recruitment Open: EU Only]

    Thanks for helping out lad, and for the information. We were glad to send the foreigners packing.
  5. Smith

    Krizek Media Thread

    the kek is real
  6. Smith

    Krizek [Recruitment Open: EU Only]

    ouch so harsh kevin lad
  7. Smith

    Krizek [Recruitment Open: EU Only]

    back from a week away, thread looks sick. Room for one more?
  8. It's called King's Landing for a reason! Badum-tsh. For real though that episode was fuckin incredible. I thought Bastardbowl was amazing and this knocked it outta the park. Jon is all but confirmed a Targaryen, and now King in da Norf. Dany is FINALLY COMING TO FUCKIN WESTEROS!! Cersei was a scary fuckin bad-ass and helped alleviate paying all those big name actors (more money for dragons now!). Arya got some revenge, noice. The director for this episode also directed Battle of the Bastards and Hardhome last season. All top notch episodes. I hope they have him direct more. Also mad props to Ramin Djawadi for the musical score to this episode, because it was beautiful. <3 Bring on next year!
  9. Smith

    Decending unto the shadows

    *cough cough*
  10. Smith

    TeamSpeak username now enforced

    I voted yes because it logically makes sense as a system, even though it takes away some of the banter and fun had on TS. BUT, the fact that the no votes outweight the yes votes... and you go ahead with it anyway? What's the point of putting the poll up if you're going to ignore the community's decision?
  11. Smith

    [Active] The Society

    It was interesting to hang around with you guys today. First time I've been on in a while and I had some fun. I'd like to get more involved in future, I reckon.
  12. don't know who you are m9, sorry, gotta kill ya
  13. 1. Request: Signature 2. Texts: Smith 3. Color of Texts: Crimson and similar shades - or whatever fits with image 4. Locations of Text: whatever is best 5. Image: Yorkshire Rose 6. Location of Images: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=yorkshire+rose&safe=off&es_sm=122&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=fAVlVZv3OeqO7AalpICoBA&ved=0CCEQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=643 7. Word Font: Don't have a clue, surprise me 8. Any Other Details: make it look well good pls m9
  14. Smith

    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    Was interesting hanging around with some of you today. Don't trust roman with axes if there are any trucks about. RIP those poor drivers.
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