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  1. I think you're getting me mixed up with the poor victim! I was the reporter who caused a kerfuffle by filming.
  2. I'm a Brit, living in the states. Commonwealth reppin.
  3. I enjoyed RAC rolling into Berezino today, turned quite a few heads and literally busted another. It was certainly a lot to witness, and great to see you guys out in force. Shout out to @ScarlettLR for giving me a lot of information!
  4. I'm interested to see how this plays out in-game, especially with the Ruski-backed angle. Good luck all!
  5. That was definitely the vibe I got, felt very much like found footage that was put together. I look forward to seeing more!
  6. Damn, these videos are really well put together. Very creepy, and the interspersed 'artifacts' and breaks between clips keep up the immersion and horror quality. I wouldn't want to meet you guys in-game so, good job? Mission accomplished!
  7. Very interesting, a neat little tidbit snuck in by an artist.
  8. Smith

    DayZRP 20.6.5

    most burning question yet
  9. Thanks to Lillie(?) at Berezino pub for giving me a rundown on local politics and news. Then to Kola and Nox (?) for scaring the hell outta me (thought I might have stumbled into a potential trap, when you wanted a quiet word) and then leading me into the very tense Olsha. Been out for a long time so I'm just easing into things.
  10. ISOA and some other groups I forget back on the mod, back when you bought your skin. Mixed up being Russian, chernarussian and Irish. Had a lot of fun. Switch to Standalone was interesting. Started out as some loose survivor group but eventually part of the Renegades, some wild and bandit heavy times. EDIT: I remember the early days of Standalone for groups - everyone was so reliant on the patches from arma 2, groups scrambled to 'claim' armband colours as it was how we would identify one another.
  11. A couple of years ago I reinstalled DayZ, made a forum post here about 'being back' but never got around to playing. I've been feeling an itch to play again so thought I'd drop by, and see how things were. I'll try to stick around this time!
  12. Robert was a journalist associate, working with an international news outlet based in the US to keep up to date with on-the-ground support to a small journalistic team based in Chernarus. Having completed a course in Journalism from the University of York, in England, Robert had been eager to sign on and learn from more experienced professionals and was all too eager to accept the job offer, regardless of the danger. When news reports on the flu in the neighbouring states broke, Robert didn't think much of it, especially since the news around the perceived Russian takeover of Chernarus had dropped in popularity and relevance in the 4 years since Bernarus' election. His team were even prepping for a new assignment to better cover the flu when quarantine orders were put in place, and their corporate handlers were trying to figure out how to get them out of country. When things went to shit, Robert's team did what they could to scramble together in their apartment building but things took a sour turn between lack of supplies and sickness. Robert has been looking to regroup after a violent clash with a group of survivors caused he and his co-workers to scatter into the woods.
  13. With a new rig and word of a better DayZ on the horizon, thought I'd hang around here again. Been a long time.
  14. campfire rp best rp amirite
  15. Thanks for helping out lad, and for the information. We were glad to send the foreigners packing.
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