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  1. Toni Pohl was born on January 30th, 1980 in Dresden, the former GDR. His parents were loyal communists and members of the SED. Toni was brought up in the spirit of the GDR and the SED since his birth. He was a good student and a committed member of the Jung Pioneers. Toni experienced the collapse of the USSR and his home state of the GDR at the age of 10. Everything he believed in disappeared within a short time, this time was very formative for him, since his parents also lost their jobs after the reunification, since the company where they worked was closed and they did not find a new job Toni and his family sink into poverty. This has only increased his aversion to the West. In 1998, when he turned 18, he was drafted into the Bundeswehr as a conscript. Although he rejected the FRG, he took up military service because he wanted to keep the family tradition of soldiers. After 10 months of military service, Toni began training as a craftsman and also joined the German Communist Party (DKP). He quickly made a career in the party and was already a member of the party's political bureau in 2000. In 2009, Toni was commissioned by the DKP to Chernarus as a foreign representative with a group of party members to support the ChDKZ in the struggle. In September Crisis, he was given command of a small group of volunteers. His role was not important in the civil war, yet he was awarded an Order for Brave Service. After the civil war and the de facto victory of the ChDKZ, Toni stayed in Chernarus, and worked as a craftsman, and became a Chernussian citizen in 2011 and became a member of the Communist Party. At the 2017 party congress, Toni criticized Ivan Bernarus' policies and his goal to affiliate the CRS to the Russian Federation, believing that it was not communism to join a capitalist oligarchy, and he was stripped of all his party posts. After the integration of the CRS into the Russian Federation, Toni became involved in a small group that aimed to establish its own Soviet Republic. When Frenzied Flu broke out in 2020, and with it society and the state collapsed, Toni saw the possibility of getting closer to his goal of establishing a Soviet Republic, and that is his goal.
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