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  1. Hamakaze

    At Armageddon's Edge [Unofficial Altis Lore]

    We dont have a Armored Division in the same way as the US does instead we have a Division (3rd Division) that consists of three "Armoured Infantry Brigade" numbered as the 1st, 12th and 20th. At the moment the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade is what we call the "Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade" and has been training to deploy anywhere in Europe within 5 days... That being said the "Divisions" in our ORBAT are for the most part purely administrative and we operate with Brigade sized units in the field and many of our Brigades are also administrative and are only responsible for Recruitment, Training and Local Relations at home. Most units in the British Army are tied to regions aswell... For example the "51st Infantry Brigade" is the administrative brigade for units based in scotland.
  2. Hamakaze

    At Armageddon's Edge [Unofficial Altis Lore]

    Reading the first parts now but i've got some feedback... People from Altis in ArmA 3 are referred to as "Altian" instead of "Altisian" The British Army has a small airborne component of Brigade size so the officer wouldnt be a "Colonel of the Paratroop Corps" he would be a "Colonel of the Parachute Regiment" for more info on that i'll point you to the "16th Air Assault Brigade". He wouldnt have to worry about being drunk since by the time he got back to barracks he'd be sober anyway since thats a half day trip on the train since he cant drive regardless. So he'd be on the train or a bus heading south since Glasgow is in Scotland and Colchester where the brigade is based is in Essex. Whether they would be the ones to invade Altis would be up for debate aswell since tradition dictates that an assault on an island group like that would be led by the navy with 3 Commando Brigade and Armor support from the Regular Army landing by sea since a massed air assault against an island is unlikely and 16 Air Assault may not even be involved in such a invasion since Altis and Stratis are small enough they could be subdued easily by 3 Commando Brigade + 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade for example. 16AA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16_Air_Assault_Brigade
  3. Hamakaze


    Long time no see
  4. Hamakaze

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Good luck and do the Nordic Battlegroup justice!
  5. Hamakaze

    DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    The ability to create new terrains as in ArmA is going to be my main thing to look forward to if the scope of modding is going to be as broad as i think it will be
  6. Hamakaze

    Would you want more brutal roleplay?

    I would say absolutely not! I dont think its realistic that this early into an apocalypse most people would be able to carry out the more extreme levels of torture or brutal acts, I also think there needs to be a line drawn where realistic roleplay stops and brutal acts such as rape, extreme mutilation etc are that line.
  7. Hamakaze

    Safe zone discussion

    That could work but he'd have to be a tough old bugger that attracts the respect of even the foreigners
  8. Hamakaze

    Safe zone discussion

    While the idea of a safe zone is nice i think it needs more of an IC reason not to cause trouble... the OOC reasons could create problems in my mind. For example some characters are standing around talking about how the person they want to speak to is inside the safe zone and what they're gonna do about it. Character 1: "I say we just storm in and grab him!" Character 2: "We cant do that!" Character 1: "Why not?" Character 2: "Um... We just cant!" There needs to be a credible reason as to why even the strongest of groups cant just march in and take control, a dedicated lore faction maybe? But as rolle has said that would take alot of work to establish and maintain. Unless it can be created in an IC sense then i dont think it should be forced... Maybe have a lore faction try and get all the major players in the area together for a conference and make it an event where negotiations about the prospect of "Neutral Ground" take place? Anyway thats just my opinion...
  9. Hamakaze

    Role playing with Medical Facilities and Medical Supplies

    I think everyone has a specialty when it comes to RP... I studied Peacekeeping and the Laws of Armed Conflict for a while before i took a loooooong break from RP.
  10. Hamakaze

    Role playing with Medical Facilities and Medical Supplies

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're some kind of medical professional? The only bits i'm familiar with is some basic medical terminology and the ICRC pages linked above... Mostly the bits relating to IHL or LOAC...
  11. The migrating from a different area is a good excuse for not knowing the local situation one thing i used to do was have my character mention the bits and pieces they would pic up from hearing bits and pieces of radio comms. Some of this would cause them to potentially draw the wrong conclusions about groups or areas others could provide some basic intel on the area and the people but the important part is to take what they can pick up over unsecure comms very literally and keep it vague... Radios in terrain like the hilly areas of chernarus can be prone to disruption or low broadcast quality. As for the reason for why they're in chernarus that would vary quite a bit depending on skillset and backstory... Someone running from their past elsewhere in the country or someone just looking for greener pastures can work. My characters usually travel alone "off map" usually with just a old, barely functioning short range radio for a few days to a few weeks depending on the character before i introduce them ingame.
  • Hamakaze

    How many times have you been a hostage?

    Fortunately Never. I've been on the brink of it before but never actually been taken... Usually someone steps in or they get distracted and i escape. I've been on an extended break so i'm sure if it wasnt for that i would have been taken a few times but i'll never know.
  • Hamakaze

    What has this come to?

    The thing that surprises me the most though is why people would classify things on a game forum dedicated to a game about a zombie apocalypse with cannabalism NSFW and why people would be viewing these forums at work in the first place... You're getting paid to do your job not post on a gaming community. If you're doing that you deserve to get in trouble with your boss... Overtly sexual stuff i can understand but a chicken nugget in a humorous shape is a bit of an overreaction...
  • Hamakaze

    DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    And they were banned. But flaming a person whether they were banned or not is still a rule break. Remember they still have friends here regardless of what you personally think of them.
  • Hamakaze

    :PartyParrot: :SiestaParrot: :ImoutParrot:

    You probably don't remember me but i definitely remember you and you're and awesome guy and I'm sad to see you go. o7 Staggs!
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