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  1. How many times have you been a hostage?

    Fortunately Never. I've been on the brink of it before but never actually been taken... Usually someone steps in or they get distracted and i escape. I've been on an extended break so i'm sure if it wasnt for that i would have been taken a few times but i'll never know.
  2. What has this come to?

    The thing that surprises me the most though is why people would classify things on a game forum dedicated to a game about a zombie apocalypse with cannabalism NSFW and why people would be viewing these forums at work in the first place... You're getting paid to do your job not post on a gaming community. If you're doing that you deserve to get in trouble with your boss... Overtly sexual stuff i can understand but a chicken nugget in a humorous shape is a bit of an overreaction...
  3. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    And they were banned. But flaming a person whether they were banned or not is still a rule break. Remember they still have friends here regardless of what you personally think of them.
  4. You probably don't remember me but i definitely remember you and you're and awesome guy and I'm sad to see you go. o7 Staggs!
  5. Horrible RP experiences lately

    Pretty much sums up my encounters last few times i've jumped on the server. Either they're busy trying to "Meet up with friends" or they're a group thats far too eager to take me hostage and subject me to torture ect when in alot of cases i would have happily told them what they wanted to know or given them something if they had just asked. Sadly the only way i've found to avoid such situations is to roll with a bigger group... Don't get me wrong i like hostile RP when it makes sense but in alot of cases the circumstances under which it has happened it makes no fucking sense what so ever.
  6. Back i guess...

    Some of you may remember me most of you probably don't but I've not been active for quite a while and i think I'm gonna try fit back into the community if i can find a way to do so... So yeah... See ya around i guess...
  7. How can i sound more confident ig?

    From my experience confidence comes with time... So keep playing and as time goes on you'll become more confident and you might not even notice it.