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  1. I understand the frustration of getting killed by an RPG as much as the next man. I died in a 5kill shot about a week ago in a fat gunfight and I felt salty. I also however see a point in these weapons existing. With base building being in the game and groups having the ability to fortify and man places such as lopatino castle or green mountain, the RPG is integral to a siege. Running up and nvfling to go and place a satchel doesn't cut it for me. As specially given you'll then have to do it again for the other three gates. Are RPGs annoying? Yes. Are they too common? Probably. Should we make multiple topics asking to get rid of them when they're used against us in a frustrating manner? No. -1
  2. Accidentally voted no but I think yes, they can be useful in sieges but other than that they are just begging for either invalid kill reports or mass Kos for salty boys wanting to tendee. Everyone and their mother has one, I got 3 with 14 rockets and I haven't even been looking for them.
  3. I, Tree (Combo), Give PK rights to Kase or any of the Lieutenants if my character ever breaks the IC group rules or betrays the group as long as its still up.
  4. Only wins from here out boys
  5. Bubba Bridgewater born 26th of June 1992 in the town of Springfield, Tennessee. Bubba was one of the many Bridgewater brothers. Bubba like his brothers is a hard worker. "Hard work is what makes a man different from a boy.", he lived by that rule his father installed in him and continued down that path. Any work needed to be done just to provide for his family. On his spare time he'd dive into mud for money, anything to put food on the table. If he was to eat meat he'd want it done right and by his brother Marshall's hands. Even his retarded ways had a limit, in his spare time he would play the bassoon, becoming grade 8. Well versed in mechanics and laboring. Unlike some of his brothers who never bothered to pick up a crack pipe, Bubba did the opposite. Bubba would argue he's one of the most if not the most retarded out of all the Bridgewater brothers. He's not afraid of confrontation and often he would find himself excited by the thought of a fight. After work came leisure, after almost 20 years of crack and hard work he'd want to take a break. So he'd join Bridgewater Brothers travel to Chernarus. With the unfortunate circumstance of the virus, Bubba and his brothers are stuck in Chernarus. Bubba will do anything to protect his family even if it means to kill, now he roams to survive with his brothers.
  6. POV: I would firstly like to note at the time I was on Combo not Mr Tree. I was going on a nice morning walk through the clean streets of Polana when I noticed two young lovebirds sat arm in arm under a tree. I saw they were wearing white armbands so I decided to take a closer look. I was bemused, these two looked strikingly like Wynne and Alexi; the leaders of the group who cleaned out my compound last night and attacked me and my people in Pusta! The stars had aligned and provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture these two people of the highest value. I deliberated as I did not wish to disturb their little talk under the tree however these were people responsible for the pain and suffering of my friends. "What am I to do?" I thought to myself, after a long reflection on the situation I decided to radio my friends and tell them about my dilemma. Following further deliberation we decided to capture these lovebirds and take them into the woods for a discussion, perhaps we could come to understand their motivations behind destroying our home? Or at least we could iron out the miscommunications between our groups? The answer lied in their capture. I decided to sneak around behind the tree they were located at, roughly 50m away laying in the grass I awaited the arrival of my compadre's. I was sat here for a while before I got nervous thinking perhaps they would leave? or their bodyguards would return? At last I was told an ally of mine was within visual range of the lovers so I decided now was my time to strike. I was up, running towards the tree, I was nervous, my palms were sweaty, my knees were weak and my arms were heavy. I reached the tree from the eastern side and told them "If you stand up and talk then you're dead!" repeatedly. In the confusion they both decided to stand up and the lady decided to speak! What was I to do? shoot? would it be wrong for me to shoot? would I look weak if I didn't follow through on my actions? I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt when the gentleman who was stood behind the lady decided to pull out his gun! "I should've just shot them when they first disobeyed me!" I thought to myself. In the rush I shot at the gentleman with his gun out however because of his presence behind his lady (In combination with lag shown in panda's video) I accidentally shot her in the crossfire. Unfortunately due to the nature of the powerful automatic rifle I was operating the lady was killed in two shots to the body. Unphased by this due to the adrenaline pumping through my body in this life or death situation, I proceeded to shoot the not so gentleman as well, as a means of valuing my existence. Following these escapades I proceeded to continue and enjoy my morning walk. Analysis: While it is not argued that the complying hostage is killed, I would like to raise 5 points which led to that situation and I feel justify my actions 1. The non compliant used the OP as cover In the video with Panda can clearly be seen crouching behind the OP, it became clear to me he wasn't going to comply and I was put in a situation where I would be forced to shoot through the gaps in her body in order to neutralize the combatant. I am unaware on the rules of using complying teammates as cover but as a counterargument I may propose the combatant used ruleplay in an attempt to gain an upperhand on me in combat. He knew my requirements to preserve the life of the complying party, so he used that against me to place him in a situation where either he killed me or I could be reported if he died. I feel it is reasonable that in a real life situation you wouldn't expect someone to use their partner as a human meat shield. 2. I value my life over a hostage Bearing in mind what I established in the last point, I feel it is justified for me to value the life of my character over the life of a combatants ally who is being used as a shield. From the moment I saw him not complying, my priority went from disarming them to preserving my characters life, which due to Panda's position behind the OP, resulted in me shooting the OP. 3. My bullets were directed at the non compliant In the video along with the logs it can be seen that my second bullet made contact with both parties. 12:34:02 | Player "Wynne Walker" hit by Player "Paul Jones" with FN SCAR-H STD from 2.85595 meters 12:34:02 | Player "Alexei Novak" hit by Player "Paul Jones" with FN SCAR-H STD from 6.75804 meters This is despite the fact that in the video the combatant appears to be behind the tree when my bullet makes first contact with him. I would like to use this to emphasize the fact that while on Panda's screen, he was behind the tree, on my screen he was stood behind the OP. I feel this must be accounted for when considering my intents or lack thereof to kill the complying party. It would be impossible for me to have hit both parties with the same bullet if on my screen he weren't stood directly behind the OP. This led me to make my decisions based on the presumption that Panda was using the OP as cover. 4. The lag spike We all know how unstable this game is, combine that with the low TTK of combat in this game and the fact that Panda was behind the hostage. I was left in a position where it was very difficult for me to neutralize the non compliant hostage while preserving the life of the compliant one. In the video at precisely 0.14 in the video we can see Pandas game freezes, a freeze in which I felt the same affect of. If you freeze the footage at this moment you can also see that despite Panda being behind the tree on his screen, my bullet just connected with him, the same bullet that also connected with the OP. While I understand the responsibility of accounting for bugs and lag lays in my hand I hope this can help people understand the difficulty of the situation I'm in. 5. In accordance with rule 4.6 I had the rights to kill Rule 4.6 states "Hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios.... Hostages do not comply with demands after repeated requests.... Approved group of the hostage refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers". To address the first point listed, the video shows me state multiple times "Stand up or talk and you're dead" despite this both parties decided to stand up and talk to me, however I appreciate my communication was not at its best so I took no issue with this behavior at the time. What provides a more convincing argument however is the latter of the points listed. Panda pulled out his gun while stood behind Wynne using her as a shield. This both shows clear intent of non compliance along with intent on firing on the hostage takers, even if it came at the cost of the compliant hostage. So given that along with both parties being members of the same approved group, I feel rule 4.6 gave me kill rights on both the compliant and non compliant hostages. Conclusion: To sum up my side of the story, I will concede that in an ideal world, the OP would not have died. As specially given I had no intent on killing either parties in the first place. I however feel that due to the reasons listed in this response, the combatant's actions through non compliance were what lead to the OP's death. Because of these actions I felt my response which resulted in me shooting the OP in the crossfire are not only understandable, but justified by rule 4.6. So with this in mind I offer my apologies to the OP and their partner for the frustration they must've faced in that situation, however due to it being a product of the combatants actions, I refute the claim that my kill on the OP was in fact "Invalid". ***FOOTAGE OF THE SITUATION FROM THE POV OF THE COMBATANT***
  7. Growing up in Kinshasa, Jonathan started off poor. He spent lots of his younger years playing football with the boys on the streets. As a young boy Jonathan got involved in the civil war as a child soldier and he found himself fighting alongside communist partisans in the Congo. He fought in the brutal civil war and became very familiar with the Russian arms which were common at the time. He rose in the ranks during the civil war and eventually found himself responsible for arms deals between his forces and foreign dealers. He was in Chernarus securing an arms deal when the frenzy flu made it impossible for him to return home so he decided to meet with a local group of anarcho-communists.
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