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  1. Ideally this would be great but some lies are worth killing someone over while other lies aren't. I'd hate to see scenarios where hostage takers manipulate this rule to give justification to kill their hostages. On the other hand if a hostage lies about having friends or something which has a more detrimental to their captor, I could certainly see this being a good rule.
  2. @kalyriim so proud of you and your feature
  3. Rah blud how's man shottin drugs on tha dayzrp motive
  4. I could get behind this, allowing for both police force rp as well as easier methods of inducing hostile rp without having someone instantly die. +1 from me
  5. They shouldn't be too easy to find. Finding a vehicle is meant to be tough and so is keeping it running. Regardless it's not like there aren't other water containers about you can use.
  6. Mr Tree (alien mask) POV: I logged on in Berezino when the pub event was going on. Some guy claimed to be the guy who blew up the pub and he was taken into the back. While in there he was saying provocative things so I pointed a gun to his head and he said "do it", to which I happily obliged, although he was only knocked unconscious by the shot. Then the OP and his boys held me up to try and figure out who I am as I wasn't talking (my character is trying to keep his profile low for IC reasons). While they were doing this the OP robbed my bag, my MP7 and dropped my G36 on the floor. While my G36 was on the floor @TurkRP comes over while not saying anything, takes it and just runs off. My hands were tied at the time and OP and his boys just watched him do it and didn't stop him. I then started speaking telling them to let me out so I can go get my gun back. They obliged giving my MP7 back to which I responded by going and demanding @TurkRP gave my gun back. I will concede as the video shows I was using aggressive language however at no point did I initiate or raise my gun/tell him to raise his hands. I am unsure however if the language I used did result in initiation. He proceeds to tell me he doesn't have my gun and asks me if I know who he is. He then runs off and as I'm coming with him @Mommy tells me to come speak to her which I do (assuming I hadn't initiated and he didn't think I had) he then proceeds to shoot me in the back a bunch of times not killing me, he then kills OP as OP is stood there and runs off. I take some morphine get out my MP7 to go find him although I am blinking red. I run round the back of the red pub where he's stood third personing over a wall and shoot him. However due to my lack of hp and his abundance of it he proceeds to turn and kill me.
  7. Be pretty fucking proud that I managed to wake up with Terra
  8. Can't wait to see these guys in game, maybe we'll have to have a showdown between @SovietPj and @Sylvester Todd
  9. I don't think they should sell weapons beyond aks, it'd be good to keep the rare weapons rare to maintain the balance of the server.
  10. Love a swanky gilet +1 from me
  11. Tree


    Hi Ralph, welcome to the community buddy!
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