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  1. Whether I agree or not, I have endless respect for a man who'll stand by his beliefs. o7

    1. Elrod


      kinda gotta agree here boss

  2. Beautiful masterpieces of British engineering +1
  3. y\ou a coll kid

    1. ImTree


      Bery Coll fedback tenks

  4. LeBeau, We all share an understanding with you about the frustrating and tedious nature of the application process, as it's something we've all been through. I would however like to highlight the fact that the frustrating nature of the whitelist is far outweighed by the frustrating nature of having your experience impeded by people with no regards or understanding for the rules. The application process is intentionally tough, because it is there to prepare you as much as possible for the strict standards we have in this community, without putting you in a position where you could jeopardi
  5. Spider Man Reaction GIF

    @Hofer and @DarthDink which Darth Vader is superior?

    1. DarthDink


      Deff Episodes IV to VI

    2. Hofer


      At least I can be seen in 4K @DarthDink

    3. DarthDink



  6. Is DVD adaptation of DayZRP lore for me watch on portable DVD player.
  7. Age: 20 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: It offers me an opportunity to immerse myself in a wider range of rp scenarios while allowing me an opportunity to further deepen my RP background. It would also give me an opportunity to interact with community members I wouldn't normally interact with. What can you contribute with?: I already have experience playing as lore characters during Staggs' events, this means I am already well aware of the standards I am expected to uphold as a representative of the lore team and the community as a whole. While I often
  8. @The Preacher @Banksyy Thank you for the honest feedback Gents, it really means a lot.
  9. Screenshot_20210324-145328.jpg.45630f132a9470b530c0e1b37a9543e7.jpg

    "He is a hero, not the hero we deserve but the hero we need"

    1. Rover


  10. Is it unreasonable to expect someone to interact with a group before leaving critical feedback?

    1. CornInMyPoop


      That is unreasonable

    2. KonoSimp


      Not at all.

    3. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      Depends on the feedback and who it's from.

      Some feedback doesn't need to be experienced in game like regarding group goals, lore etc. Some feedback can come from staff members who have witnessed it. You also don't necessarily need to interact with a group to experience what it's all about. 

    4. ImTree


      @ParaI'm not talking about staff who spectate the group or who are experienced in critically analysing group pages. I'm talking about people misdirecting criticism and accusing groups of things based on Chinese whispers.

    5. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      Well that's not what you asked,

      But no feedback shouldn't be "I hear you guys are PVP focused." I actively objected against certain staff members doing that in thread notes when I was an admin.

    6. ImRabbit


      @Paraa lots changed big man. #BringBackPara

    7. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


      idk man I prefer just to talk shit about things I don't know about, seems to work fine. I mean after all, if they reply back it just means I am right!

  11. What a sick group idea! Expecting see big things here.
  12. DayZ moon map? Will Elon Musk be there?
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