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  1. 1. My name is James Fisher and I am a Preacher in the town of Memphis, Tennessee... or at least I was until the outbreak struck the mission trip i was on in Chernarus. My dreams of leading my new flock to the pearly gates of heaven was shattered before my very eyes as the devil's virus overtook my god-fearing people and corrupted them so that they could never see salvation. I can't forget their screams. After watching those I led become possessed with demons, I realized that only I could right humanities wrongs. I decided to purify those corrupted and allow for their souls to be free from the devils clutches. I decided from that day onward, I would soothe the suffering of the world and rid it of the infected. This was the only way I could repent for the sins of the world. 2. As I journeyed across Chernarus liberating souls wherever i went and i have seen the once good people become demons who have lost all of their morals. They have abandoned all hope and turned into beasts that steal and butcher when it is not necessary. I was forced to deliver my own justice upon them. I came to a realization.... This world has failed the test and it is the end of days; I asked the lord why I was left behind and I received no answer. I was left alone without guidance. I needed something or someone to be my guiding light. That thing happened to appear in the form of a woman. The woman's name was Catherine. Her hair was as black as night, eyes as blue as the sky. This woman whom I had never met before had seen how lost I was and decided to help find me. She became my everything. I was happy as one could be in this hellscape. Or I was until we were ambushed by a group of three. They murdered my Catherine in cold blood. She was my everything. In a blind rage, I killed all three of them but the damage was already done. My Catherine was lying lifeless on the cold, hard ground. I vowed that day that I would be a reaper of Chernaurus. 3. (an apology for making you look at the same application twice)Sorry about the second attempt at whitelisting, I accidentally sent in the same character. I was trying to send in an updated one that fixed the issues and i messed it up, my bad
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