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  1. Before the outbreak Roose was a Staff sergeant in the United States Air force, he was stationed in Eastern Takistan during Operation Arrowhead. He was a Munitions Systems specialist under the AFSC 2W071. Being stationed in Eastern Takistan held many challenges especially when it comes to water, this became even more apparent when the Global Ammunition Control Point (GACP) stopped responding to the Deployed unites within Takistan. With cannibalistic monsters overrunning military installations, lack of water, and unruly insurgents using this as an opportunity to take control of a barren wasteland, things were looking grim. This was until the the GACP sent out a notice that NATO forces all over the globe are being overrun by an unknown plague, along with the continental United States nearing total collapse. With this information the GACP relayed order that were sent from the MAJCOM for all current deployed units in Takistan to holdout until resources can be sparred to support. After weeks of holding out Roose and a few other AirForce / Army personnel decided to head East into the Russian dominated Chernaurs. Anything would be better than another day in the desert.
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