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  1. @Mademoiselle After Chatting with @JMZIE, we have agreed and settled upon a 3 day ban with ten points.
  2. @Mademoiselle I had received the information from Killsceamguy he told me that he was in the police station and had been robbed, I later found out (today) that he was not in server at the time of the incident. The reasoning for me wishing to offer my guilty plea is that the situation is very complex and spans multiple reports.
  3. Due to the time frame of this report I will offer a guilty Plea for Meta game. In exchange for the Guilty plea, I ask that the report be closed. reason for plea on the charge of meta game with a 7 day ban and 10 points: considering the fact that someone was killed as a result of the info that was provided to me. I see no reason to further the report as it has become clear to me that the whole situation should have been avoided in the first place, and that I was wrong. Should the Plaintiff accept the terms and staff approve I will accept the aforementioned sanctions, so that the report can be closed. @Eagle @Mademoiselle @JMZIE
  4. That is for the admins to decide, I admit no guilt, I just gave and honest and holistic response to the report. There is no need to make this personal. PM me if you have an issue and im sure we can come to terms with things,I'd be happy to chat it out.
  5. Tom McCannon POV: I logged into S1, had a menu glitch, and decided to relog multiple times to fix the menu glitch. I proceeded to hear over the radio (discord) that some of my friends had been robbed. I then proceeded to go to the police station, the last known location of the hostage takers as per members other than those involved in the situation. I approached the police station and asked the hostage takers what was going on. This was used in order to gain in game intelligence and possibly join in on some hostile RP. However, due to no initiation or any other form of RP being offered. I would then use this information that I had ascertained to attempt to rescue my friends. Having reasonably positioned to a covered and concealed location I proceeded to open fire upon and kill the plaintiff, James McCoy, after this point the second and only other known member of James McCoy's Group stormed my position and we exchanged gunfire. I was then killed. Hindsight is 20/20: Most likely I should have stayed offline after having known my friends had been robbed. Plain and Simple. The situation wasn't really in my favor, however in my mind I had reasonable odds at winning the fight. being in a covered and concealed position. The only rule I may have broken was the rule of ghosting. However, the totality of circumstances is that I made contact, and did not outright open fire, there was contact made with the plaintiff and his buddy. An opportunity was present for them to reasonably take me under their custody and they did not. So, I proceeded to engage them. Edited for: Grammar, Totality, and clarity.
  6. Tom McCannon is an Oil well worker, He struggled to support his daughter Kate McCannon. He came to Chernarus with an oil company that wanted to build some oil wells and start a partnership. Unfortunately, He became trapped when the infection hit. Unsure of what to do, Tom Took his daughter up north to live in the woods. There they survived by hunting small and large game. Only going into the cities for the most Crucial Supplies. However, Tom's daughter has gone missing he is now breaking his Silence to find his daughter.
  7. -Plea Guilty- Edit: Me and Morgan head into kabanino, trying to just do some basic rp, your pretty basic everyday stuff. Then we start getting grilled by the GDs and Friends. They Tried to strong arm Morgan out of his gun, as well as myself. I kinda got pissed with the whole strong arm streak the GD's been running and decided to fight back. Did i know I would lose... Yep, I did, I just kinda wanted to duke it out because I figured: "Ah, what the hell, Why not?".
  8. Alexj and I were inside of the Zelenogorsk Military Compound area, looting as per usual. I begin to check the cars for food while Alexj searched for ammo in one of the guard towers. At some point, Stan confronted Alexj and raised his M4, saying: "Hey, you in the guard tower, come down the ladder and put your fucking gun on your back and hands in the air!" being within earshot, I assume that Alexj is being robbed, so I round the corner by a barracks and start shooting at Stan , seeing that he presented a deadly threat to my friend Alexj. After my burst, Stan fled behind a barrack to take cover. Alexj let off his own burst and ultimately killed Stan.
  9. *Decker, hearing the transmission would ponder a moment before responding* Yea, I know the uniform makes me a target, but hell, its the only thing I have from back home...But as for the whole bar ordeal, well, its often said misery loves company. Besides that, these pants have a Special compartment that I use for my Copenhagen...*he packs a dip can as he sits watching the sunset.* So I don't wanna lose em! With all due respect, this isn't 2009 anymore... I'll tell you what though, the country sure is wonderful and the day is not all that bad when I can enjoy it. Thanks for the tip though... *Decker releases his PTT and writes in his notes for a bit*
  10. *while cleaning his rifle and smoking his cigar, he hears the transmission and puts the dust cover back onto his Ak-74 and racking a round into the chamber before responding* Heya, Lorenzo! Thanks for the offer, and trust me I still got the gear Uncle Sam issued me... *he puffs a cigar still holding the Transmit button* Looking forward too it... *he then lets go of the Transmit button and writes Lorenzo's name in the left-hand column of his notes* "well at least he sounds decent." as he studies the band of his Torano Vault cigar, before tapping the ash*
  11. *Decker sets an old humvee's radio to T/R and presses the transmit button* God damn...I could use a drink, is there anyone Running a bar or like a trading post? I just found a car battery to get this old piece of shit humvee radio working again. *a chair is heard scraping against concrete, and a lighter striking can also be heard.* Anyway, yea if you're running a bar id be more than happy to stop by as long as yinz wouldn't mind having a foreigner... If you do ill be around in... make it 10 days. Decker out. *Decker puffs on his cigar and returns to cleaning his rifle waiting for a voice to come from the radio*
  12. John Decker was a student & cadet at a Senior Military College, he put his education on hold to go to Chernarus as a translator between military units operating in the area, under the supervision of U.S government officials in an effort to help foster the relationship between the Americans and Chernorussians. He became a captive of the land when the country was quarantined off. As things got out of hand, he and the unit he was attached with gathered their rifles and some supplies and set up a camp near Mishkino. As time went on, food in the area dwindled down and Johns unit became desperate. One night while the food was rationed out an argument erupted between a US advisor and a Chernorussian soldier, the argument escalated and turned into a brawl. The Chernrussian soldier then shattered a plate across the US soldiers face and caused him to fall back on some pallets and break his neck. The soldiers drew rifles and John did as well. A firefight ensued between the two units, the Chernorussians won. John feigned death until the soldiers left the mess tent. John picked up his rifle and attached a suppressor, vowing revenge for his fallen brothers. John wanted to send a message... He decided that instead of killing all the troops or just escaping, he would tear them apart mentally. He snuck into the least populated tent and killed the three men in their sleep. he then hung a sign on the tent that read "Предоставлено Военно-морским флотом США S.E.A.L.S". when the bodies were discovered it was evident that the men were paranoid, John surveyed the camp one more day and, satisfied with his work, set out to live the rest of his natural life.
  13. TylerP500 POV: It all started after hostilities at NWAF as in @Kittendo POV. We then proceeded to Kab in attempts to get revenge. We heard gunshots and proceeded to investigate from a distance, at which Point we used binoculars to PID. We then saw that this was a different group, try to go talk to them. About half way to VMC we spot a group of three on the hill and I stop and pull out binoculars to see if they are the men who robbed me. I PID the three, one with a tan/khaki M65/ cowboy hat etc. Then another with my green beanie, a high cap vest, and a hunting jacket. At this point I concluded that these were the three that robbed me. We started Engaging and killed 2/3. I then PID the corpses again based off of gear. The three most distinct Features on the the three were as follows: One green Ak-101 With standard mag, flashlight(?) and bipod. A tan m65 jacket/ with cowboy hat. A man wearing a brown hunting jacket and high cap vest. This all happend within the allotted 2hrs of Kill rights by estimate it a happend within 15-20 minutes of gaining rights to use lethal force.
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