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  1. Gunther Waltz

    Gunther Waltz was born in Austria, where he was abandoned and spent most of his life as a soldier. His time in the Armed forces made him bitter. Waltz is antisocial, and hell bent on destroying any form of government as he thinks that authority is made simply to make greedy men rich without having to do anything for their profit. His reasons for being in Chernarus are unclear but it is know that no good can come from his presence in the region. All that is known is the Gunther wishes to pray upon the chaos that he has found himself trapped in.
  2. James Kondraki

    James Kondraki was originally in the region for recreational purposes. Now he finds himself in a struggle for survival. Kondraki is very cutthroat and has violent tendencies, however he has gained control of his temper via medication. He is generally pessimistic about finding a cure. So his goal is to create a long standing group, that is generally non aggressive, but focused on adapting current society into the one he thinks we now live in. He will stop at nothing to survive. Kondraki also puts a high value on friendship and loyalty to his cause.
  3. 09/10 Relaxing the lock down: Finally! The Russians are letting people travel out of the camp, its been a long time coming. There are a lot of those things still wondering around, maybe Chernobyl will be a decent place to call home, I've heard that the Radiation is low enough in some levels to be livable. I should attempt to get a group together, maybe we can find some old AK's in the city that's about two clicks to the east of here. 10/20 Traveling in winter: Winter is starting to rear its head, we have some supplies and are reasonably equipped to endure at least a week in the cold. we have only about five days of travel left to go, but people are starting to get tired. Oh well, they are gonna have to tough it out. *It is apparent that someone other than mark has written in this book, and judging from the torn out pages and the small chunks of grey matter, he got it back* 04/10/1 Justice: Finally tracked this asshole down, he though he had a one up on me for using Lily to pull me into an ambush, In case I lose this book again, they thought they could screw me out of a small sum of Kevlar vest, they didn't Account for the one I took though. They payed with their life thought, and thus the dept is even. 04/25/1 Life: After flipping though the last couple of my entries, I realized that I have not detailed life in "The Zone" as its locally known. I live in the area known as Zaton, it looks like this place used to be an old shipping area or a graveyard for boats. When we I arrived here, I was amazed to find other people living here as well. They all warned about Traveling into the city. Most of these guys had the same idea of braving a bit of radiation in exchange for the lack of infected. Turns out we made quite a living here, as long as we keep a steady supply of Potassium nitrate and lead around us life is good. 05/01/1 Bar tending: I have tried my hand at bar tending here at our home boat, Turns out i'm not too bad. I make a steady supply of Rubles here i'm making at least 10,000 a week, its not much but its steady and safe for the most part. 05/15/1 Chernarus: I overheard some of my more wealthy patrons talk about getting a really big deal. They spoke of a place that's apparently quite the hike from the zone itself. The deal entails lugging some 200,000 rounds of ammo and some 150 crates of Cheap AK's over to a country known as Chernarus, I might tag along and get payed. 06/16/1 Arrival in Chernarus: It wasn't easy getting here, but apparently they don't value the dollar here, they are overpaying by like 1,000,000 RU but hey, who am I to judge. The convoy we had with us seemed to startle the locals, they are for sure waaaay behind the engineering in the zone. Part of the deal that I made with my friends was no return trip to the zone, so here I am Chernarus, Pack full of the best liquor I could get my hands on and my Model 70. 07/15/1 My home for a war zone: I found a home, Gorka, for now at least. the town is really unstable and its constantly under attack. I lost two bottles of Vodka to stray bullets! Damn. 08/16/1 Mary: I ran into a girl, her name's Mary, she's sweet. She was amazed at the fact I actually had high quality liquor. I Enjoyed my time with her, it was an escape from theday to day rabble and gun violence. 09/17/1: I miss Th...* this page is spattered in blood, its totally illegible and it would appear that mark left a photo in between the pages. The last barely legible thing written is...* I am alive.
  4. Cigar Appreciation thread.

    I am making this thread for all my fellow Cigar smokers! Share your favorite cigar or ask for suggestions.
  5. * Tyler Sets down his guitar, taps the ash from his cigar and picks up the radio.* "Hey, katya...This is Tyler Somme, I Read you Five by Five. I am currently wondering through Chernogosk." *Tyler Takes a drag from his cigar* "I trust Bill told you about me. I will either meet up with you in Zelenogorsk or by that abandoned military base near the coast. We have much to discuss. Tyler Out..." * Bill is heard in the background calling for Tyler and Tyler's staccato footsteps can be heard* *The clanking of silverware can be heard as well as some banter.* *Tyler realizes the PTT button had been stuck down for a short time and rushes to the radio to un- stick it.* "Sorry, guys! This thing is always sticking."