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  1. Also I was executed by these guys after leaving. I put my hands up and i was unarmed and stilled got shot
  2. Maksim grew up in Berezino and slowly fell into organized crime. During his teenage years he did a variety of work for the Berezino mob and was known as an enforcer for the organization. Slowly he climbed the ranks of the mob and soon became a capo, or captain and looked over the violent crime and robberies that took place in the country. He loved to steal and sell cars on the black market.
  3. Thomas O'Sullivan grew up in a small town in Texas known as Mustang Ridge. During his Childhood Thomas aka Tommy was a trouble maker. He constantly would skip school, leave the house to party with his friends, and get in trouble with the local sheriff. During his teenage years Thomas grew increasingly disobedient and criminal. He sold marijuana to other classmates at his small school and would typically use and abuse various substances. He occasionally participated in harsher crimes such as burglary and auto theft. One time he help rob a bank truck with a few of his friends. When he turned 24 Thomas was involved in a drunk driving accident that took the life of one of his passengers and close friends. Charged with DUI, Negligent homicide, and reckless driving, Thomas was sentenced to 5 years under Texas's harsh laws. During his time in prison Thomas's father passed away from cancer, and he never forgave himself for not being there. After he was released from prison, Thomas was determined to become a better person and a helpful hand at the family's ranch. His brother, Abraham, was tending the ranch while Thomas was in prison and needed extra help. Thomas became a dedicated farmhand and also a devout christian. He vowed to never wrong someone unless HE needed to. Unfortunately due to the massive medical bill that his father racked up during his disease, the bank seized the family ranch and left Thomas and Abraham homeless. Without a way to pay off the debts or get a decent job in the town, they looked into other options. They found an oil company that was paying high dollar for working in various oil fields/platforms. Thomas and Abraham took the opportunity to get some money so they traveled to a country they never heard of "Chernarus" to begin their slow and hard journey to gain enough money to buy back the ranch. Then... all hell broke loose.
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