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  1. Hi people! I have been waiting to be whitelisted to post in this Forum. 4 days, 2 rewrites later I have been approved, can't wait to meet you all in game!
  2. My Char was denied due to Altis not being part of the DayZRP Lore. Would it be okay to just change the Island to an actual Greek island and resubmit the Char?
  3. Time: 01:15, 25th Nov 1980 Location: Bottrop, Germany Kalmund Lappinski is born. He is the first child of Pawel and Maria Lappinksi and has no idea of what is to come. His early years are heavily influenced by the economic collapse of his home town. As one of the cities in the so called 'Ruhr valley', Bottrop is hit hard by the decline of coal and steel industry in the region. The family survives by leaning on a network of Lappinski family throughout eastern Europe and parts of Asia, established by the family owned logistics company 'Lappinski Logistics'. Due to the financial setbacks the criminal element of the family company is expanded and will effect Kalmund in various ways. Kalmund never was a bad student, he just never had enough time for school. When he was 9 his father returned from a business trip and brought home Tao-Lee Lappinski who was now to be Kalmund's half-brother. Between working for the family business and looking after his brother there was little time left for school. He just about managed to finish school with the lowest degree possible in Germany. What he did have time for and was fairly easy to get his hands on where guns of all sizes and models. Although he never owned any for long he gained a certain respect in the community and was the guy you went to if looking for a seller with dubious repute. That is why from an early age he was known as 'Kniften-Kalle'. A 'Knifte' being a hand gun or lunch sandwich, depending on whom you asked. It came as no surprise that he did not refuse the mandatory military service and joined the Bundeswehr for 2 years. In addition to having a legal way to interact with various weaponry he could get his truck licence payed for and really join the family business. During the 2 years of service his unit was deployed once in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the NATO forces there known as IFOR and later called SFOR. As a truck driver for the IFOR he got around a lot and a new desire to travel was installed in his young mind. Using his new skills and the family connections he left the military and started driving trucks for Lappinski Logistik. After a few years of traveling through eastern Europe Kalmund was recruited by his brother Tao-Lee to help in his endeavor to establish a Greek outpost for Lappinski Logistik on the island of Altis. They spent the next 10 years on the island profiting from its in stable local government and proximity to various Mediterranean states. Due to the nature of Altis being an island the effects of the frenzy flu where at first only noticeable by the economic decline of the worlds trademarkets. And as it became more prominent Altis closed it's borders for good. Recently they received word to met their parents in Russia where a large group of Lappinski family members had managed to establish a small safe haven. In a misguided effort to leave Altis via plane the Lappinski brothers crashed into the black sea. Here is where we meet our Heroes again, washed up on the shores of Chernarus, will they survive and how long will it take them to find a passage further inland to find their parents.
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