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  1. Tao Lee was born in the region of Nanning, sometime in the mid 80s. It is told that his mother died in labour. Allthough his father, Tian Lee, was a smuggler, he cared for him the best he could, as there were no other family members alive. In early 1989, a german smuggler, Pawel Lappinski, started establishing connections to Tian's group. A few month later, Tian met Pawel in Nanning. He was assignd to Pawel as his Translator, as he was the only one who spoke some english. Quickly, the two man developed a friendship. Unfortunately, that friendship didnt last long. Tian got shot by the vietnamese boarder patrole during a job. Allthough his group managed to carry him to thier truck, Tian bled out before they were able to reach the first town. Pawel and some men were around him as he was slowly dying. With his last strengh, he pleeded that Pawel may takes his son with him to Germany and enables him a better future. With some help, some faking and some bribing, Pawel was able to "adopte" Tians son. Unfortunately, he didnt understand that Tao Lee was his full name. So, he just added Lappinski as his sure name without removing his original one. Tao Lee couldnt remember much of his early childhood in China. Still, he was very thankful, as he understood that he was given an oppurtunity that was not the "usual". He always did his best to help his "mother" Maria, around the house. He also suceeded in school and got the highest possible degree, but never actually went to an university. Maria was a house wife while Pawel went out woriking. He owned a branch of the "Lappinsiki Logistics", a family cooperation with other branches around the EU, owned by other Lappinskis and a deep network of connections to middle men in the east and Asia. His older half brother, Kalmund, was his role model. He started working at an early age to earn some extra money, as the financial situation in Bottrop was very bad due to the declining of the coal and steel industry in the "Ruhrgebiert" during the 90s. He always got his back when he was in trounle. He was a good older brother. Kalmund was alwasys very enthusiastic about his time in the "Bundeswehr". So, when Tao finished school with 20, he was very exited to join the Force. After 2 years, he finished his service. In June 2008, Kalmund and Tao met up with thier father and some other family members, Tao had never met before. They were planing on expanding the family business to Greece. After some discussions, they decided on Altis. Kalle and Tao got assigned to open a branch of Lappinski Logistics in Altis, and so they did. In Oktober, everything was set up and ready to go in Sophia, a large city in the north east of the island. They spent the next 10 years on the island profiting from its unstable local government and proximity to various Mediterranean states. The business flourished and they made big money. When the frenzy flu first started, it was not very noticable in Altis, due to the nature of it being an island. Still, it had an impact on the economic situation on the island. The goverment was quick to react and closed the borders. Nobody was allowed to enter without undergoing a two weeks quarantine. Nevertheless, life went on pretty normal on Altis. A few weeks ago, Pawel contacted kalmund and Tao and told them to leave the island and head to Russia, where some family members were able to establish a safe haven. Tao had a friend in Pyrgos, a Pilot. His name was Christian Hofmann. He told him about his fathers plan. Hofmann agreed to fly them there, if he was allowed to stay with them. They agreed. A few days of preparation and they were ready. They took of in the early evening from the salt desert in the east of Altis. Unfortunately, they flew in a hailstorm and the plane got damaged so bad, it started to come down. The guys decided to jump out and try to land with thier parachutes. Tao cant remember how he came down as he awakes on the shores of the black see.
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