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  1. Philip Charles Bourbon was born to an impoverished, formerly upper class French family in Southern France. His two younger sisters, Anne and Mathilde, were groomed into the field of education, whereas Philip was groomed for service in the army like his father, Louis, who was an officer in the elite French Paratroopers during the Algerian Crisis. Philip joined the French Army in 2005 at the age of 26, and has served for 15 years with a very uneventful service record. This all changed when he was assigned to a NATO taskforce in neighboring Takistan to quell the insurgency there. When the pandemic hit, and the rapid mutations that followed the waves of outbreaks, Philip was separated from his squad, and traveled for weeks into Chernarus, abandoning hope in the West. Philip believes his whole family has perished with riots in France combined with the virus, but he has come to pass with the grief and sorrow.
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