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  1. Born Natalia Petrova to parents Jackie and Luther Petrova in 1989, Nat was the youngest of two children. Living in Richmond, Virginia, both Natalia and Andrew where the subject of bullying and discrimination due to their heritage in Russia. Luckily, Natalia had Andrew, a selfless older brother, Andy spent his time being his sister's keeper. Natalia knew from a young age that Andrew would be a hero, and when he became a deputy, Natalia couldn't be prouder. It wasn't long after that Natalia decided she also wanted to save lives, but she was very against doing that with any threat of violence. So she decided to become a doctor, following in those hero footsteps of her brother. Natalia was a brilliant student, grades were important to her parents, and to her personally. She always ended up with A’s, and took up track and field to keep herself healthy along the way. Nat really excelled in math and science, and it would be no surprise to anyone that she ended up in medical school. Her high school years were harsh however, after realizing she was different form almost all of her classmates in that she didn’t like the same things. Or subscribe to the same ideals, Natalia did not grow up with many friends. In fact, she was a lonely kid pretty much all of the time. Natalia’s college years were even more difficult, not because of classes, or the actual education, but because she struggled with her own identity for a very long time. During residency, Natalia fell in love with a colleague, but she was a woman. Jackie Petrova was very supportive of her daughter, even going to pride events with Natalia to better understand. But Luther was not, a hard man to begin with, he threatened to disown Nat, and not pay for another cent of college. The young doctor got into a huge fight with her father over it, and didn’t speak to him again until after the frenzy flu hit the United States. Andrew supported Natalia the entire time, and it drew the pair even closer then before. With the support of Jackie and Andrew, Natalia got through school and started work as a general surgeon. Natalia was a good surgeon, but an even better doctor. By no means was she a brilliantly original surgeon, she didn’t make big discoveries or try risky surgeries. She did her job, fixed people, then went home every night to her two cats and girlfriend. At least until the outbreak started, it wasn’t obvious at first, at least it wasn’t that bad. Until the hospital was overwhelmed by the number of patients with the frenzy flu. It didn’t take long for things to get out of hand from there, new patients popping up every day. The flu was spreading like wild fire, and the patients had a tendency to get violent. They kept things under control though, and field hospitals were set up in Richmond to control the influx. Eventually things died down, and they could breath. Natalia did not expect another wave, or the conditions it would bring with it, even deciding to take a vacation with her brother. The world seemed like it was getting better, healing. She was wrong. On the front lines of the infection in America, Natalia saw firsthand what the frenzy flu could do to an individual. Making hard choices, and running herself ragged, Natalia eventually decided to take time off, and this is when her and her brother decided to visit Chernaurus in interest of discovering more about their heritage. Supporting her brother, because Andrew is Natalia’s world. Natalia wanted to know more herself, and eventually they planned a trip to Chernaurus, where their father was from. They planned to spend a month in Russia, despite the outbreaks and flu. However the next wave would shut travel down, and they were unable to return to America. Desperate to find a way home, for her girlfriend, and for their mother, Natalia is a mess, but she’s resigned to waiting this outbreak out as much as she can. So she can go home.
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