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  1. Growing into the Businessman (1987 - 2013) Believing he was born on the wrong side of London, Kevin Brovlovski used his charisma and lack of empathy to earn his way up to the big leagues of used car salesmen. It started with cheap sweets at school, into “suddenly found” bikes he acquired, to cars just barely legal to stay on the road. The story he so often told during a sale of how his childhood was filled with starving nights was fictitious. His father came over from Warsaw on a business venture and after one mistake during the final evening of his trip, he was locked into sending money over to his son for 18 years. He is a man of wealth which Kevin looked up to. He rarely talks of his family to anyone other than someone he’s trying to swindle. However, after a transaction containing an 89-year-old woman, a 23-year-old Volkswagen Golf, and deteriorated brake pads, Kevin suddenly found himself unemployed. Petrov and the Movement of the Red Star (2013- 2018) He'd heard of Chernarus by his father, who would send letters to him once a year updating him on business ventures and anecdotes of this new country. Mr Brovlovski moved out there during 2010 after the civil war ended between the DCR and the movement of the Red Star. While Kevin waited for his 26th letter to arrive, a birthday tradition he'd look forward to every year, he began looking into Chernarus but the letter never arrived. Over the last couple of months before Kevin planned to take a trip to Chernarus, he spoke with an old contact of his fathers by the name of Alexander Petrov. Alexander was a Chernarussian who'd been living out there for a while who'd fought for the Order of the Red Star during the civil war, but left when their brutality and crimes became the same as the people he was fighting. Petrov told him that someone by the name of Andrzej Brovlovski had been captured by CSR on suspicion of being a CLF sympathizer. This was later known as Hrůzy. Petrov warned Kevin of coming to Chernarus during this time, saying he'd attempt to assist the release of his father. Kevin waited 5 long years before hearing anything else. A concerning message from Petrov broke the silence, describing the declining health of Andrzej Brovlovski. The now called "RAC" released him just as his illness became worse, perhaps hoping he wouldn't spread it. Kevin knew he'd have to go to Chernarus to find and bring home his father. The Frenzied Flu (2018-2019) Researching Chernarus, Kevin came across on article "How bad is the Frenzied Flu?", an explainer article discussing an outbreak in December 2018. Upon discovering the journalist who wrote the article was John Kestrel, a childhood friend, Kevin made a few calls and was able to track him down. Over the course of a few weeks through Skype calls, John informed Kevin about this wave of flu that in his opinion wasn't as bad as other news outlets were making it seem. However as the second wave hit later in the year there were growing concerns that Kevin would not be able to get into Chernarus in time to find his father. A month before Kevin planned to meet with John in Chernarus, his flight was cancelled and the borders closed. Although initially this seemed like an overreaction in Kevin's eyes, John sent one final email before going dark. "Abandon your plans to come here, It's gotten much worse." Arriving in Chernarus (2019 - ?) Knowing that if he cancelled everything he wouldn't be able to go back to his normal life, and after much back and forward, he made a call to Alexander Petrov. Petrov explained that there'd be a celebration for conquering of the infection in December 2019. This allowed the reopening of tourism, of which Kevin used to get into the country and meet him. Here Kevin established contact with John Kestrel and an enforcer who knew how to survive called "Luke Huddaz". Kevin planned to stay for a few months before returning home, but during March of 2020, the third wave hit. This stopped all travel to the outside, locking Kevin in Chernarus. With no other option, Kevin reevaluated his plans and with the assistance of Petrov, Kestrel and Luke, to find the next lead.
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