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  1. thanks, man! just got to see what's going on everytime I enter, I get kicked out due to not having a compatible character just need to re read these carefully. Cheers, dude! I'll come back once I'm in thanks, dude! soon!
  2. hope to get to meet you guys soon for now, working how to connect to the server
  3. 17th May 2020 It's my birthday, my first loner birthday, probably the last. I wonder what my family thinks I'm doing right now... most likely, they think I'm getting smashed in booze & hookers in Thailand. After all, that was my alibi... Me and my best friend, Henry had finished our Journalism Course in 2019 & we both planned a gap year to travel the world. Our objective was to finish in Thailand, following my birthday, at least that’s what my family believes. they know little about the world, since they live in a small rural area in Dundalk. As I write this entry, Father must be unloading lead on some poor foxes. Mom, most likely, tending to our little farmstead & gossiping with the townsfolk. News travel very slow in our community. Gods! I miss Ireland! They must be oblivious to this pandemic, or so I like to think... I really hope they are living, as usual, healthy and happy, as ever. the real story is that, me and Henry have been following the escalating tensions between RAC & CLF in Chernarus all the way back in University, there was a certain fascination and mystery to this story, especially with the past involvement of the Russian Federation & NATO. The reports coming out were conflicting, at best. Then the first cases of Frenzied Flu started to happen. This was our golden opportunity, our breakthrough into the world of journalism, we simply couldn’t let this pass by! "We'll make it big, Jack! we'll expose that pit of corruption and we will be hailed as heroes when we come back! mark my words, a Byrne is never wrong, I tell you!" many times he'd say loudly in our local pub with a pint o'Guinness about to be emptied So me and Henry got our hands to work, planned a course of action, arranged funds during the summer working and doing whatever we could. Our eyes were fixed in Chernarus, we devoured any bit of intel; had a few days practice-shooting with my father in our barn & camped and lived out of the forest a few times too, under the guise that we were "lads just having fun". Prepared an alibi; even practiced russian! Henry was more prolific than I am, at best I could curse back at an old sailor, but that would be it! gathered & packed our essentials & gear, & started our roadtrip on the turn of the year. we were ready for whatever we would find, or so we thought... We were so enthusiastic… even more with Hong Kong’s protests and stories that came out of that. Looking back to it, we were nothing more than 2 idealistic naive fresh kids out of university who knew nothing. We managed to slip into the country as backpack tourists looking for cheap thrills, as the country had, all of the sudden, opened their borders in the turn of the new year. We suspected some sort of cover up was happening, little did we know… Fortune did smiled upon us, Irish folk. As we planned, we enjoyed a couple of months of pure joy as 2 young Irish adults, enjoying their holidays in Chernarus. partying, hiking, camping, just enjoying nature... in the meantime we witnessed the assertive response of the local authorities facing the Frenzy Flu, but things weren't as they seemed. In April there was a huge resurgence of Flu cases, we were advised to stay indoors, for a third wave has come... Henry wanted out, we argued many a time about the course of action to take, stay or leave. Soon it was impossible to leave the country we had our gear inspected & some confiscated by the local authorities whilst we protested with some of our fellow backpackers, Henry was so pissed off! He had worked all summer to buy that expensive professional camera. My laptop had the same treatment. They said to us “You won’t be needing these for where you’re going.” We managed to slip a few backup cameras and an Ipad. Only to use those as trade for food & water in the upcoming hellish times. The situation was way worse than our most dark speculations, there were quarantine zones, enforced by both the Chernarussian Government and the Russian Federation. Tensions between factions were threatening to deep-dive the country in open civil war. Civil unrest is rampart, people are starting to fear the worst. There are talks of “feral people”; “mad folk” that will charge on their fours to anyone! And even bite, scratch & growl at their neighbours & loved ones. I suspect these are just rumours, or perhaps the isolation has taken control of their psyche... so I hope! mindless "walkers" swarming me up? Oh fuck no! I couldn't eve watch The Walking Dead with Henry while we were smoking fat joints back in University! Henry... Henry has been taken by health inspectors, fully geared in Hazmat suits a few days ago, they came to our little shack shed, claiming to be government officials & alledgedly Henry had developed concerning Frenzied Flu symptoms. I don’t know how he is, or even were he is, I've tried to look for him in our local hospital but they won’t let me in or even give me an answer. Unless I want to forfeit my freedom. Maybe if I sneak in, but then this would give thme a reason to imprison me, or worse... shoot me! Does he really have the vírus? What about me? Don’t I have the vírus too? Is this all some sick cover up? Maybe to supress the protests... or maybe to topple the authoritarian regime? After all, small armies are marching down the streets… Maybe it was manufacture in some lab in Semipalatinsk?!? although they had demilitarized the area... I don't know what to believe anymore... All I can do is survive and keep searching for my good friend Henry, then leave this god-forsaken place! But I don’t think we will… "When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth." For God and Hope are both Dead... Jack O’Wilde
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