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  1. Ragnar was born in the shadow of the Hof in Reykjavík (Nordic temple). Due to his families religion he was taught from a young age skills such as hunting, fishing, tracking, and the martial art known as glima. His interest in school was almost non existent, as he found it to be incredibly boring. when Ragnar was 16 his family moved to the town of Å in the Lofoten Archipelago. Here he continued his school work as well as his martial studies. When Ragnar turned 18 he enlisted in the Norwegian army hoping to earn glory for himself in the eyes of his gods. But after 4 years of service he left the military, as he saw no way to prove himself in a peace time military. After the outbreak Ragnar made his way down to Chernarus, as he had heard about the turmoil and saw it as his opportunity to finally prove himself to the gods.
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