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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Hello, Im back

    I can clear that guilt from my conscience. Welcome back
  2. Im Back

    Welcome back Rick, I too am looking to get back into DayZRP
  3. Official CS:GO Thread

    You was like that once.
  4. Official CS:GO Thread

    I think Hellraiser will win.
  5. Official CS:GO Thread

    That actually is a really nice Karambit.
  6. Official CS:GO Thread

    Karichi ,why have you denied the accusations of hacking when you said to me on steam that you did for one day did indeed hack? You even listed fairly precise reasons why you did it and that you removed the injection because of the recent vac waves. I will see if I can find the screenshots.
  7. Official CS:GO Thread

    The best AWP clutch I have ever seen ingame. [video=youtube]
  8. Official CS:GO Thread

    Disliking this VAC wave already....
  9. Official CS:GO Thread

    OPskins.com Currently looking at that one, any good? Trust worthy and reliable and also good if you want to boycott valve.
  10. Official CS:GO Thread

  11. GTA V (PC) - Hype & Discussion thread

    Www.gtavrp.com Thanks and sorry for the late reply. Is it strictly PC, console, or both? Thanks. PC
  12. Star Wars: Episode VII New Trailer

    If both the movie and the game are great then this year will be amazing for Star Wars Fans.
  13. Star Wars: Episode VII New Trailer

    [video=youtube] Looks great! Hype!
  14. RustRP

    There is a option to turn it off. Rust is a great game. Lets do it!
  15. GTA V (PC) - Hype & Discussion thread

    You can transfer your ps4 MP to pc. I did it today Will progress save over both accounts? So, if I earn money on PS4, will it be on PC? Yes.