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  1. Time to bust out this bad boy once more


    1. Benry


      Imma hut u down frist ❤️

  2. source.gif.aac784d908bfded6b8342eaa8efd562b.gif

    Your profile music is my kind of jam.


  3. yXBwDW.gif.d92015f40334695c6a4c44cf80222ef4.gif

    Profile update! I still miss Bill Withers.


  4. College is over this semester and it was just




    1. UniiLR


      nice christmas hat bro 

      Great Job Reaction GIF

    2. ScarlettLR


      cheryl hines im dreaming of a wine christmas GIF

  6. *Artyom Holds Down the PTT* “It wasn't coincidence that the horde was there, they were attracted there. Russian Forces performed an attack by gassing the mountain with F-13 gas, a corrosive chemical that is used to attract those with the Frenzy Flu. We shot down helicopters and Russians themselves as they attacked, but we managed to repel them. Someone, a mercenary I think, was captured and was being brought to Zelenogorsk to stand trial and further investigation, but a Russian sniper killed him while he was en route. RPGs were fired at us, infected were overrunning the grounds, helicopters flew over... it was almost nostalgic." *He Releases the Button*
  7. Awesome RP from @ScarlettLR, @DrCrazyGamer, @FaeLR, @KOT, and @Watchman! Did NOT expect such a huge turn of events to happen, and the dynamic was super interesting to experience, can't wait to see where it all goes.
  8. Still need to make a Cover Photo, but I'm too lazy.


  9. @The Preacher @FaeLR @AlkisLR Good RP all around from County Lines. The short bit of vaccination RP we got opened some new developments that I can't wait to see unfold. @Fujin I am super digging the storyline you've set up here, I think it'll lead somewhere super interesting and I'm all here for it. Nothing but great RP from you so far. @ScarlettLR And to you as well! Was a nice wholesome experience that took us back to some memorable times. I genuinely became emotional a few times throughout. 10/10 RP.
  10. @ScarlettLR, @Watchman, and @FaeLR, it's always a lot of fun to RP with y'all! Felt nice not getting attacked at the school for once and actually have some time to hang out.
  11. Thank you @ScarlettLR for destroying whatever emotional barrier I had up until now with today's RP and finally burying Arisha. I'm gonna go eat my spicy pork lo mein and cry.
  12. Best Truth or Dare session with @ScarlettLR with @Mommy dragged in, unfortunately for her. Had a lot of fun tonight with everyone who came into the school today!
  13. Spooky month, spooky profile time.


    1. ScarlettLR


      Oh no what have I done, lol kidding,

      glad i showed you this artist. 

      I updated mine as well

      proud kimmy gibbler GIF by Fuller House

  14. Had an interesting confessional with @Jackfish today. Best unhinged preacher boy.
  15. Had a long and interesting conversation with @Benry. Was so much fun to RP with you and get to know your character! I hope that we meet again someday in-game.
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