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  1. @ScarlettLR @The Preacher That was probably the funniest and best roleplay I've had in years, I genuinely spilled some sausages and spinach on my lap from laughing so hard in Olsha. I'm not sure which one @Angel is, but it was fun roleplaying with you and everyone else in Olsha, I love seeing gatherings like that. @HarveyLR @Stormyvill It was great meeting you two as well, I'm glad I finally have some like-minded RP friends in game, the warehouse was such a cool scene. And to anyone else I missed, thank you so so much for RPing with me, tonight was an absolute blast!
  2. @Banshee I was sick, but I was already at zero hydration at the time, the vomiting didn't dehydrate me more than I already was when I first got there. I should add an extra detail that I forgot to mention in the report, one of them did try to give me something to drink before I was held up, but I couldn't find it. As I searched for it, I was held up and told to get into the room before I could find it. The soda can that was given to me to drink had a tiny blip inside it, but I drank it anyway which is what caused the vomiting effect, which didn't really affect me in any meaningful way.
  3. Server and location: S1 Chernaurus. Berezino by the tank statue. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:15AM, 06/29/2020 Your in game name: Vaughn Goncharov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unsure, it was brief and I never got names from them. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was headed into Berezino when a group of men wearing mostly green, sunglasses, and military gear stopped me. Before, me and a small group (Father Reyas(?), Maverick, and one other who's name I can't recall who was in their group with a ghillie suit on) held up two of them because of a previous encounter. They stopped me, and I told them I needed water badly. They told me to get into a house and not move or they would shoot me, I complied, but stressed I needed water or I was going to die. One of them gave me a can with barely anything in it, and I told them it wasn't enough. I continued to comply, but stressed with urgency that I needed water, but they refused to give me any. I died very shortly after.
  4. Born in Lopotevgrad in 1999, Vaughn Goncharov's parents had taught him from a young age the rich history and culture of Chernaurus, and what it truly meant to be a Chernarussian. To them, it was best to learn and understand from their ancestors how and why Chernaurus came to be, and why it is always virtuous to seek for a better tomorrow - for not just yourself, but for everyone. As a child, Vaughn saw the worst of what the former Chernarussian Republic had to offer, and what they were willing to do to their own people to retain power. At the height of the Liberation War, both Bruyat and Misha Goncharov took part in the protests against the Republic and which it stood for, but were killed in the ensuing riots by police. With no siblings and no other living relatives to stay with, Vaughn would be taken into foster care and move from home to home with no real family to be called upon. Years of grief and loneliness would take their toll, but Vaughn would learn from his pain and use his grief as motivation to continue moving forward. As the years passed and Vaughn grew older, he would become a bright young man with strong morals and integrity. With the Liberation War won in favor of the ChDKZ and as a proud supporter of the Chernarussian Socialist Republic, Vaughn would focus his studies and practices toward a career in the military as a medic. As his studies went into his third year, reports of people attacking one another began surging seemingly at random across Chernaurus, with government intervention quickly dispatched to each situation. What would come to be known as the Frenzy Flu would spread throughout most of the country. Whispers of worry and concern spread throughout the campus, but were soon quelled by news of a vaccine. The peace, however, would not last, and soon reports of even more attacks would start. It would not be until three weeks after the initial reports that colleges would shut down entirely, putting a hold on Vaughn's studies and quarantining him to his own home. Riots and pandemonium ensued, but Vaughn would not take part with hope that the government would resolve this time of turmoil. In the chaotic weeks that followed with martial law instituted, the growing restlessness of the people, and the number of the infected that would continue to rise, Vaughn would take a chance and venture out into the world to find and help his fellow countrymen.
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