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  1. I was the one that logged in sat down and got back up because what happened was I crashed at first, and when I reconnected I noticed a weird visual bug which was blocking a portion of my screen so I relogged quickly to fix it. Since I immediately reconnected, there should be no issue.
  2. ThatOneGuy281 POV: Tryax told me over radio to meet him at Olsha with the rest of purple. When I got there everyone was gearing for a fight so I joined my group and took defensive positions (There were about 50 people in Olsha causing constant game crashes). after about 8min we saw a sniper up in the Olsha radio tower and we went to check it out. The sniper was a friendly and we took a defensive position at the tower. My game crashes during the initiation and when I log back on I see no armbands looting purple corpses so I shot one and died.
  3. Dimitri was born on a small farm in the forest near the town of Severograd. His mother died in child labor so Dimitri grew up with only a father. Dimitri's childhood days were filled with trapping, hunting, and fishing, All taught to him by his father. Dimitri never attended a school because his father taught him all he needed to know, Survival. His father always told him he felt something was coming especially with what had been going on in recent times like the war. In his later years Dimitri's father died of old age and Dimitri bought a small house in Severograd, and was starting to become very worried with the rapidly spreading flu and the military's response to what had been going on. He knew that eventually they would come to evacuate the people of Severograd to a relocation camp. Dimitri knew he was not going to let them take him that easily. He took what little supplies he had left and ran.
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