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  1. Born Andrei Petrova to Jackie and Luther Petrova in Richmond, VA in 1986, Andrew’s early life was certainly not an easy one. The cold war between the US and Russia having almost reached its climax at the time, a name like Andrei Petrova brought nothing but distrust from other people. His parents started having him go by Andrew to try and ease tension between him and other children. When Andrew was the age of three, his parents became pregnant with his sister Natalia. Having a sister meant the world to Andrew and he was always looking out for her. No matter what situation she got herself in, he was there. Though he considered his duty to bring fear into the eyes of those who would dare to date her. This would ultimately make him his sister’s keeper, not that she needed keeping to begin with. As they grew older and into adulthood, Andrew decided that he wished to go into law enforcement, and very hastily completed all the requirements to become a sheriff’s deputy in Virginia. He viewed the badge which said “Deputy Petrova” as something that would blast his heritage to all those he encountered...literally. The older he became the less worried he was of how people viewed him and he began to explore his ancestry. Having been fascinated with the discovery of paternal relatives in the Russian Federation, Chernarus to be exact, he would persuade Natalia to join him, and they would book flights to Chernarus. The recent scares of the flu would not dissuade him from heading to Chernarus, as when he puts his mind to something, he can be quite stubborn to resolve it, and they would arrive not soon after the Russian Federation reopened its borders. Little did they know, they overstayed their welcome and when the 3rd wave hit, the infamous Frenzied Flu, the borders were hastily reshut and all travel suspended. They were trapped, far from home, and far from their day to day lives.
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