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  1. Born in Moscow, Dexter seemed to be quite the abnormal name for such a child. He was raised by a mother and father and a relatively normal childhood until his mother dying in a car accident by age 12. His father in the pit of unknown grief, decided to relocate east, escaping into the bush country of the Russian wilderness. Dexter at the age of 17 grew tired of this drawn out, isolated life. He moved back to the city, pursing schooling in Government in Moscow as well as studying 3 years abroad in the United States in order to gain a more broad understanding. After completing school and moving back home at the age of 22, Dexter Returned home to Russia only to find that his father had gone dark. Unable to find him he decided there was only one route to pursue....the Military. Dexter Joined the Russian Military and served for 10 years earning himself numerous accolades due to his colorful youth growing up in the bush, always possessing a natural survival instinct. As the Internal conflict arose Dexter found himself disinterested in military interests. He left the military and moved back to the bush, the only place he had truly known. Once word of the outbreak had hit, Dexter found himself in the perfect place for survival, relying on his instincts and military training to keep him alive. He keeps a sharp mind, and a small picture of his mother with him at all times to guide his travel. He now has one goal in mind and one goal only...To survive. With no alternative motives residing within his brain, he seeks to keep a clear sight on the task at hand but can't help to have the dying breath of humanity lie within the back of his mind. He holds dear the hope of one day being able to return to a normal life, having the chance at a family of his own, a life he was forever unable to live and learn to love.
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