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  1. KingOTI


    Thank you, and I hope to see you in the field soon
  2. KingOTI


    In the last week I've loaded 60 hours in the game but yea it's what I'm doing at the moment to spend the time, that and refreshing the whitelist page XD
  3. KingOTI


    Hi All, I'm King or Danny, decently active thanks to the rona making me redundant Always wanted to get into the RP scene with a history of DnD and live role playing games like Mafia (not the game) DayZ was my first game when I moved to a first world country and got a PC I'm From Zimbabwe originally When I found this server originally through a DayZ movie I watched I go super interested did some research and some watching and with a few upgrades I got to my PC recently I finally felt I could make a step into the community so Hi there If you see me around I'm not only new to the server I'm pretty new to standalone too, Played the Arma 2 mod up until two weeks ago. So be as friendly as the situation allows you to.
  4. Daniel was a young spirited hunter from the plains of Zimbabwe, growing up in a rather sheltered community where he found peace in hunting and fishing with his father. He was sent to boarding school at the age of 14 where he was bullied profusely, but each and every week he maintained focus on his studies and his skills in the bush. Each year Daniel and his father would go to a new country with some sort of hunting attraction where they would bond and have an all around good time. Each Christmas break they would discuss the next big destination for them to set off on in the coming year. From South Africa and it's vast Water Buffalo population to America for its Bison population, by the mere age of 17 he had travelled to each continent for its immersive and rich hunting and game culture. When Daniel was 21 his father became sick with Cystic Fibrosis, affecting his lungs and bed ridding him for what would become the rest of his life. After a 19 month fight with the disease, he unfortunately passed away and Daniel was distraught. He never lost his tradition of going to a new country each year for it's Game. Through the grape vine and some close friends Daniel heard about a small city called Chernarus between Russia and Takistan that was renounced for it's Bear and Deer population. Cooke Sr. (Daniels Father) had talked about it before once, and how him and his army buddies from the second world war headed there during the fight for Independence in 1994 to assist in the civil unrest. Cooke Sr. described it as a patch of Forest came where one colour was the cities and towns dotted throughout the land and the other was fast thick wilderness rich with game and conservation opportunities. Daniel finally got himself together and decided his long tradition with his father would continue with the next destination he would arrive in being Chernarus. On January 5th 2020 he set out for a three week trip to the country and to hopefully bag himself the biggest bear of his short career. During his stay there the Caedesviridae infection started its outbreak and he decided it were best to stay on the ground during this trouble time. Unfortunately the virus showed no intention of slowing down, only a few months there, there was roadblocks setup and medical hospitals in each main city to combat the flow of the virus. By May martial law had been declared and he was forced to stay withing Chernarus borders. Having general survival skills taught to him by his father and skills he had learned through his troubled childhood he headed into the forest away from the cities, only entering when vitally necessary. He lived off the land and savaging where he could. Writing his story as he went just trying to survive.
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