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  1. Born in indonesia. was an orphan and sent to Russia when he was little. He lived in different parts of Russia moving from Orphanage to Orphanage never getting adopted.Eventually turned 18. And moved out on by himself. He later became a carpenter taking out all his frustration out on the nailes he banged into the wood. He never found love or who his parents were. He was on vacation in chernarus when the outbreak happened. When the dead started attacking he fled into the woods with his trusty hammer and camped for a while. After a while his supplies ran out and had to find a way to survive in this harsh environment. He had later found a group of survivors where he became apart of their band. For a few days all was well and good, he made a few friends and they made the best out of their situation. But ofcourse this wouldnt last as one night a Horde had crept upon them while they slept attacking and tearing apart the memebers. Wielding his hammer, he managed to fight of a few zombies and make a run for it leaving his comrades behind.
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